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We are happy with Tami Nakahara MD.  Her office is in Hillcrest.  We also do a delective/delay schedule and she has always been supportive.  Good luck.
I had an awesome VBAC experience with Kirsten Lee MD, North County OB/Gyn at Scripps LaJolla. Good luck!
I love my OB, Kirsten Lee at North County Ob/Gyn in La Jolla.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka thats so cute it made me cry. That is the way big tough daddies tell their little girls "it will be ok." I hadn't thought of that. So right, and so sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by laurelg That breaks my heart in a way it never could have before I had my own LO. Yup.
Edgar Sawtelle. Was so mad I trudged all the way through for nothing.
I don't really have much advice to offer. I just wanted to pipe in with some support. It sounds like a truly miserable evening and I hope it gets better. Hang in there.
We see Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Nakahara in Hillcrest. I find the office staff annoying, but like the doctors very much.
I think my little one is approaching the age when she would really like preschool. Does anyone have any recommendations of preschools in the area that they loved, or at least really like. Right now I am looking at Die Rasselbande. I would love to hear any feedback. Thanks.
We eliminated soy and dairy. It helped, but the real key was time. By 4 months she was a whole new baby. I am sorry you are going through this, it is torture. Hang in there.
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