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Another iPad vote, it seems to be the way of the future.  My DS is in preschool and has an iPad, during his last IEP meeting it was discussed that once he's in Kindergarten that the school system might buy him a new one, figuring that the cost of the assistive would be much lower.
That's what they said, "Glaringly deficient???"  I'm no psych doc, but the choice of words sounds really subjective and unprofessional.  Siding with the second opinion, and sorry that it happened to you!
Some SW spoiler news. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20480836,00.html  
I'm convinced he was only doing that to show off his shirt-folding skillz, the ones he learned at The Gap when he was 16.
If you have an iPhone/iPad or something similar, he might get distracted by certain games long enough to get comfy on the potty.  I know this worked for us. 
There was a clip on Untucked that reeled Raja back in for me....he was giving Delta a pep talk and it was really genuine and sincere and I thought that was really sweet.  I do think it's a shame that all the separatism and drama goes on.  I read a concerning interview by Delta, she was asked to list Most Talented, Best Looking, etc, and there was Shadiest/Meanest, and his answer was RuPaul.  Ouch!!!  I think he was upset that Ru led him down the fat route for his...
  Robyn.  She already feels marginalized for many reasons.  My DH can't stand Kody and is sort of annoyed that someone he thinks is so stupid has so much progeny, but he supports his right to follow his religion.   I've heard Kody twice say that his father "converted to a religion that practiced polygamy" but he didn't say what it was.  Are they FLDS, or are there other poly religions out there in Utah?
I got bogged down in the first episode about how they were all so nervous about "Coming Out To The World!!!"  Hadn't they already made a sizable dent in that when they aired Season 1?  As for the public school...I wonder if it was advised that they do that, to make them come off as less "kooky" to viewers and/or the government.  I thought it sucked for the kids...and I wonder how it seemed to the kids that Meri's dd didn't have to go.   I was very moved by the two...
Can't stand Mike, I agree, I'd much rather see Dale in the Final 2.  Richard's fine, but Mike, uh uhn.  I was heartbroken to see Carla go, and to go before Tiffany, wtf!
I friggin' love this show, anyone still watching?  I realize some of his spirit may be ugly, but I love to watch Manila.  So funny and talented.  I also root for Shangela because she's an underdog, it seems (a booger) but it nags at me that Michelle Visage asked her if she really, really wanted to be a drag queen---or is she just using this as a gimmicky niche, like Christian Rock or something.   I watch Untucked, wouldn't miss it!
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