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Hi Mamas.  I need a good recommendation for a Ped/Family doc in this area.  Thanks! FG
Thanks for the link ma2two
thanks!   I think we're looking in the North Valley - Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, etc.
Hi Mamas   We are moving from NY to CA.  I have been claiming the Religious Exemption for my two school aged children here in NY and thankfully, it's been ok.  Now we are moving to CA and I am unsure how to go about the exemption issue there.  Should I keep our exemption religious based, or seek out the philosophical one?  (I read this is getting harder to obtain). Will day cares accept unvaccinated children?  Thanks for the help!  
Hey Mamas   We are relocating from NY to Southern California.  One of us needs to get to Redondo Beach and the other to Oxnard, everyday.  At the moment we are considering Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks area, Sherman Oaks area, or Santa Monica area. Ideas?  Advice?  Ideally, we are looking for a strong, active (observant) Jewish community with decent access to both these places.     Thanks for your help!!
many things to say but quickly wanted to say to Moto and Teegan and whoever else may wonder - but an empty breast = faster milk production.  It's not the norm to feel engorged for the entirety of your nursing relationship.  Supply evens out and you'll feel less full.   Kellymom has an AWESOME description.  Love the Red and Green light graphics:)  http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basics/milkproduction/     back to battening down the hatches for hurricane sandy.
Hi Moms :)   MamanF - I'm sorry you are having such a hard time    So glad you are feeling a benefit from the counselor.   Diapers - leaky pockets sound like they're too big... as for GMD prefolds being to bulky, I feel like they're the same size as other PFs?  Maybe flat diapers would be a better choice?  I love Under the Nile fitteds for nighttime.  DD pees through everything and only poops every other day.  We're using doublers most of the time, not just for...
Hi!  I fell off the face of MDC for a while.  The holidays are over, we had our naming ceremony for little Willhemina, and next week is the first full week of school for both my older ones.  My mom left Monday so this week has been my first taste of "all three at once."  It's been a bit crazy.  DD1 and DS are at school this morning and I haven't done anything I wanted which is mainly sewing though I have managed to make muffins, get granola started, and do some sheets....
wow!   congratulations!!
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