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the one thing I didnt have at the hospital I REALLY wish I had brought was Flushable wipes.. !!!! The toilet paper there is so rough and its the last thing you want to use.   I also on a fluke brought ear plugs and a sport-like water bottle (the kind you could use laying down and not need to sit upright to drink from).. I used both those things ALL the time.  
Hi Everyone!   Sorry I am so tired I can't do personals but glad to hear everyone is doing well and happy to hear LizBiz got such good news!   My parents are here but their presence has just been a lot more work then help-- sort of as I feared. We have ended up doing the childcare/cooking/dog walking.. my dad has been good about dishes and trash but it about stops there..   I got some bad news this week that the babysitter we hired to help with Linos is now...
  I started to do this a few days ago and found it works 95% of the time really well for me.. so I think I might stick for this for now..!! The real trick will be nighttime diapers- its a bit rough figuring out how often they need to be changed as they seem to always be pooping- I've "cut it down" to 3 times a night (with a night being from 11pm-6am) which seems to be ok- assuming there are no major blowouts.  
boots it was really bad timing because they came in right as my DH was coming to pick me up so he was just standing there and I felt like I couldn't be honest with them about a lot of what was going on .. she did seem to get that and gave me her card and asked to call her in the next few weeks.. so at least there is that. I am sort of waiting for 2-3 weeks before I call because I hope a lot of this is just the hormones wearing off-- but its so hard to say.  
jenna ok dish! I want that dress even not pregnant- where can I get it :)   You all look so happy and healthy and have such nice single baby bellies :) LOVE the photos.. keep them coming. This will be over so quickly and I'm already wondering why I didnt get some decent shots of me not in the bathroom mirror :)
I am going to talk to the doctor today about the PPD I want to prevent and also meeting with the lactation midwife (no idea what these are called in english but the guru for BFing at the hospital) today to try and get help so I can BF them together while in bed.. Its so easy to BF one and keep sleeping but I dont know the trick for 2 yet.  
thanks everyone! I am knee deep in diapers and BFing.. its literally all I think I am doing (well and eating- TONS). :)
I could really use some tips on how to 'survive' the newborn phase if breastfeeding. I seem to be doing it wrong. Do people tend to supplement or pump? Or how do you get sleep.. or do you just not?   I just spent night 4 of there life literally alternating who I was feeding/changing/feeding/burping and slept a total of an hour if that... Is it going to be like this for quiet a while?  I can do this for 2-3 nights but at some point I start breaking.   An tips?...
I had a HUGE dive today in my mood- almost out of no where. I think it was a combination of the heat wave yesterday in a room with no AC, added to a 24/7 immersion of total strangers who are constantly changing, with no support person around who speaks English.. and no one on the floor to really talk too, combined with my total lack of medical lingo in German-- followed by being overwhelmed, sleep deprived, in pain, super super hormonal in a room with a bunch of other...
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