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  My DS1 was almost 10 lbs, he was my first, my total labor was like 6-8 hours with him, the pushing went very fast as well, I had no tearing from his birth and he came without drugs/interventions etc. Your body makes babies you can birth, this is just a rule of nature IMO :)   My twins are also both in the 90-100% for weight/head size etc for even a normal baby! Nevermind twins- they have been off the charts for twins since week 18.... the ultrasounds no matter where I...
ok well.. Ive been STARVING the last week or so, I think the babies dropped and suddenly I have room in my stomach to eat eat EAT.. ! I am up 2 more lbs this week.. so it looks like my total gain is going to be around 37-40lbs this pregnancy. I am really curious/have no sense what it will be after birth, I gained a lot less with DS1 but there was also only one in there.. right now I have an extra baby, placenta and sac to factor in I guess   how is everyone else...
funny eleuthia! your nighttime routine (even down to the couch) sounds just about like mine. I go to sleep around 11-12 get up at 1:30, 3:30 and then somewhere between 6-8 I wake up for the rest o the day..  
I didnt count anything at all gozal either.. I just listened to my body. I found toward the end of my pregnancy (the last trimester anyway) if I just ate carbs I would end up with a horrible horrible headache so including protein/fat with meals was generally pretty easy for me. I did buy some protein powder (raw vegan protein from iherb.com) which I made a lot of smoothies with the last 6 weeks but I think my craving for them was mostly due to it being SO hot here and...
  this!! me too :)  
You and maybe your partners age at the birth? I am 32 my partner is 34 Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? fraternal- they just share the womb.. 2 placentas/sacs etc What number of kids will is be for you? 2 and 3. My DS1 is 2.5.. so this means 3 kids under 3 Genders? Will you be finding out? 1 girl/1 boy but it took till 30+ weeks to know the girl's gender, she did not want to show us her goods. EDD and or planned birth timing? I'm having a...
I ordered a Twin Z pillow pillow a few months ago, my twins are coming next week so I can update then about how it works.. !  
I'm 38w this week and a lot slower in my day to day activities but still active (I'm lap swimming 5-6 days a week) and haven't had any further complications to my pregnancy then the low iron  
yeah I found lily that pregnancy is one of the few times (also being sick) when pushing myself to workout instead of rest can sometimes make things a lot worse- esp. later in pregnancy I start to ease up a bit on pushing myself as I usually end up feeling worse or more exhausted then I did when I started..  my lap swim sessions are down to 20-30mins now and I'm so slow that the old men are lapping me  
lily usually on those days where I have cramping or feel a bit off in one way or another I skip my workout.. but thats just me.  I find when I workout those days I tend to get more contractions and usually feel worse not better.. at least, thats been true this week for me  
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