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  yeah me too. I have been eating about 4x what I normally have and pretty much nonstop.. no idea what that is about but I just eat eat eat all day. Yesterday I ate dinner like 4x over then still had dessert (3 times). I might just gain all of my pregnancy weight in the last week of pregnancy!!   My feelings are all over the place, I am really sort of panicked if I stop and think too much that I have one week left of being pregnant   I'm just not thinking about it too...
my only friends in town are currently on vacation in Iceland until August... my family is a 23 hour flight away so they never know anything unless I email them anyway....  and DH family is so checked out/don't care about us they won't known I gave birth unless we call them and let the know.. . so I'm not really worried about anyone knowing.   I think I could give birth and no one would ask for a good 3-4 weeks afterwards and thats assuming they even know when I'm...
Hi All! I am reading this weeks thread but not having much energy to respond to everyone. My sleep has gotten horrible, but as I remember the final weeks of DS1 pregnancy it was like this too- it was like 'training' for what happens once they come out- I sleep in 1.5 hour burst from about 12am till 6am then I am up the rest of the day and occasionally take quick 10-15min dozes during the day..   This last week I got a lot on my to-do list done which was a great...
I got one or twin to try off of ebay for very cheap-- Im not totally expecting much from them given how much my skin as stretched- not sure it will ever look normal again..  
my meal intakes are all over the place right now.. some days I literally eat the entire day-- other days I am not so hungry.. and some days I eat healthy but I am finding I am suddenly really craving pastries, white bread, pancakes, sugar sugar and bread bread bread.. this morning I ate my weight in these waffles   Yesterday I had:   protein shake and coffee oatmeal with whole milk yogurt and maple syrup potato/veggie pancakes (fried) a ton of...
not to totally scare all of you but maybe if you are feeling huge, these will help you feel better ...     here I am at 38w with the twins..  (sorry I have some dark veins on my stomach!)  
I'm up 35lbs now.. Ive been eating a lot from stress not hunger, and not moving much from exhaustion/heat so Im sure that adds to it.. My DS1 has been a total horror the last 2 weeks and Im having a lot of anxiety about how to manage him with 2 more newbies coming any day now. .. . . hoping to keep my weight there for the next 10 days but not counting on that being totally realistic as right now everything in life is feeling like a struggle.
  Yeap- I did the same with DS1-- recommend all this stuff..  
penny I LOVE your swimsuit.. where'd you find it?   Lily- Im totally impressed  
I gave up on my freezer meals, I ended up making 4 lasganas, some meat sauce for noodles and probably 2 meals worth of veggie burgers.. it came down to me cooking or finishing up my studio work- so I went with the studio stuff- I figure my parents will be here for a while and will need things to do so my mom can cook a bunch of things to freeze for us and my dad can head to the grocery store.. which is their routine at home anyway..
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