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DS1 really has no toys unless someone has given them too him- he has a few toy cars and helicopters which are 'second hand' from friends kids but we don't really have toys-- he has a lot of books and thats about it.. no TV either.. our apartment is just WAY to small for anything in terms of toys-- he spends a lot of time playing with stuff in the kitchen or playing on my DH iphone various stuff.. but thats about it..  
yeah the weight in the pool vs out is crazy right...? I also sometimes get slight vertigo after swimming laps, i think its the water in my ears because its not consistent..    I am getting so sloooooow though now.. really walking very far is hard and carrying stuff up to our apartment sucks, I feel like I have a giant bowling ball between my legs, I am trying to swim laps every day for at least 30 minutes because I found it helps SO much with the swelling and pain in...
  yeap. me too... if I think about it too much I sort of panic and can't sleep :)  
  yeah- I need to decide what my 'last meal' will be... already planning it.  
I didn't realize it was so rare to have a 'full term' healthy twin pregnancy.. I wonder why that is..  
  Agreed. It feels a little like standing on the beach and this huge tsunami is coming at you and you can't run but just wait and watch for it to hit.. then hope you surface to the top ..  
  agreed.     agreed again :)   My parents are coming about 2-3 days after my c-section and I REALLY wish they were coming about a month later-- at least with DS1 thats when I really needed the help and the exhaustion kicked in the most/hardest/
Just dropping in.. I found a college student who is going to come 3 times a week in the afternoons to help with the twins and DS1.. and on top of that, I made a ton of progress on all my projects the last 2 days.. feeling a big sense of relief!  
  yeah same here.. the last week or so has been nothing but moving, fighting and exhaustion for me .. now how I invisioned the final weeks  
I'm going to talk to my Dr on my next appointment (on the 9th) about starting meds as soon as I can-- I really feel like I'm already downward spiraling  
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