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with twins... no AC in our apt, and 100+ outside/inside for the next two months..... yeah..no  
AH I would love to do CDing again but our apartment doesn't have a washing machine 'in house' and well, there goes that.. I am just too lazy to have to walk them down to the laundry mat every day to do a cycle or 2.. esp with 2 babies .. I'm lazy!  
boots the active ingredients (listed in German) are as follows: Prednisolocaproat and Cinchocainhydrolorid, the 'brand'  in Austria is 'Scheriproct' its a suppository...  I was having HORRIBLE 'roids like I couldn't even sit down they hurt so bad and I used these for about 3-4 days and the 'roids went away completely. Its possible you can get these over the counter in the US, a lot of Rx stuff here (like Tylenol and Aleve) you can buy in the US at Rite Aid/Duane...
with 2.5w left of my pregnancy I'm riding around a 33/34lb gain.. interestingly enough I seem to have gained in almost the exact pattern I did with DS1 in the same ways but with the exception Ive gained about 5-6lbs more this pregnancy then with DS1.. will be really curious what the 'aftermath' looks like..
  this. horrible! I am sorry.. :(  
  Me too. In so many ways on so many levels..     Went to the Doctor for my routine weekly check today- everything is fine- both babies are measuring almost 7lbs. Baby A is still in a very transverse breech so we made the decision to schedule a c-section for July 17th. If the baby flips or gets in a better breech position he is willing to try a normal delivery-- either way I am ok with the birth being what it will be.. .. at this point my worst fear is that I will deliver...
anyone happen to know much about how to heal scarring/stitching from birth? With DS1 my stitches took a long time to heal down there and Id like to prevent the same long haul recovery if I can this time around  
newmum I stopped driving all together and now take the bus or don't go anywhere :)  
ah bummer.. no hotel gym?! i secretly look forward to having gym access when I stay at hotels.. always makes me look forward to the trips (as sad as that is to admit)  
well its a MAJOR life change and I think anyone who doesn't freak out a little is in denial of that   You know, I have to say when DS1 came out DH told me 'it looked like someone was handing me an octopus' he said I looked terrified and I felt that- I didn't have this instant feeling of love at all- I had this feeling of 'omg what have I done? I have no idea what I am doing? what about x, y and z? who is this that just came out of me? I don't know him.. and what...
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