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I've been reading reviews for foodsavers and a lot of people seem to have issues with the one that Costco currently has so I was thinking of getting an older model. Which one is best? Thanks
Just a thought - Prenatals are making me sick this time around plus I have really severe morning sickness and the aftertaste really aggrivates it so I take mine right before I go to sleep at night. So far it's worked really well for me.
Hi, we're currently TTC and we're fairly new to the area so I've been trying to research midwives. So far I haven't been able to come up with much. We're near Rockaway and I'd love any suggestions/information you can give me. The more details the better because I had entirely different experiences (both good) with my last two midwives. I'm interested in how they conduct prenatals, what kinds of testing/ultrasounds they recommend, how hands on they are, how comfortable...
We just moved to NJ and I'm having a very hard time finding activities and groups for my DS to participate in. We're homeschooling, but he is becoming very social and I'd like to give him all the opportunities I can to interact with other kids. Please let me know of anything at all that you know of that would be suitable for a 4 year old. We're near Rockaway Thanks!
A few weeks ago while I was sewing, all of my zig zag stitches stopped working properly. The needle goes back and forth and it seems like it's working fine but the stitches aren't zig zags, I'm not even sure how to describe what I get instead, but it hardly resembles a zig zag at all. I've tried making adjustments to the tension and stitch length etc, but nothing makes it look any different at all. I don't know a lot about my machine (or machines in general), I'm just...
I know there isn't a written out rule, but for me personally, wearing a bra over seems like the right thing to do. We wear the garments as a symbol and a reminder of the things we are taught in the temple and also as a sort of protection and I feel like the garment should be the layer closest to the body. I also think that nursing should be done in whatever way is most comfortable for the individual as long as we take care to make sure that the garments are exposed as...
I've been meaning to join in here for several months. I finally have some real money goals now so I NEED a place to record everything. I've made a list of money rules for myself and I think my goals are pretty realistic So far for June 1st - 0 2nd - 0
Thanks! I guess I'm off to Macys and the mall
Does anyone know what stores carry the Alice mary jane style crocs? I need some right away. Thanks!
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