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If I were you I would have to tell my MIL that, "I KNOW that you the raised 7 kids, so you can stop saying that now!!!" Just because that irks me more than anything.
cool! thanks
Hi, I just bought an Easy Bake Oven from the consignment shop for my dd. It was brand new and a steal. It came with about 8 boxes of mixes for cookies and cakes. Eventually we will run out of the mixes. Is it possible to make "real" food in this thing? It would be great if she could make muffins instead of cupcakes for less sugar also. Does anyone have any experience with this?
I have breast hypoplasia just recently diagnosed by a lactation consultant after the birth of my third child. I am using domperidone for the first time and it is making a difference. I've gone from 14 oz. in the sns to 6 per day. I bf my son until he was 16 months though never exclusively. It got easier when he started eating solids and I didn't feel like I had to be solely responsible for all of his nutritional needs.
Hi scubamom, I'm trying not to think of a full supply as my goal. I've taken domperidone for 2 full weeks and have seen the supplement amount per day go from 14 oz to 9 oz to our current 6 oz with a constant increase in weight. I've just increased the dom dosage to 12 pills a day to see if that can push us over the top. I find it very encouraging to think about how much formula or breastmilk he needs to grow at this weight and therefore how much bm I must be...
As your baby stops sucking, press up under his chin. That will keep him going. I heard of a woman who used to press an ice cold coke can to the bottoms of her baby's feet to keep him awake. Seems cruel, but it worked.
I would suggest befriending another mom who comes regularly to the nature center and have her keep an eye on the 3 yo so you can keep the 1 yo busy away from the group. Or invite another mom/friend come with you to the nature center. The walk may have to wait until the 1 yo is a little older, but that will be in just a few months. Good luck! I am getting ready to try getting out with three soon!
My dd used to do this at about 2 yo. It was a phase and as soon as we stopped paying attention to it she stopped doing it. As hard as it sounds, I think the only thing you can do is distract and ignore, or at least not have a dramatic reaction. I think your baby is trying out something new as well as trying to get a reaction out of you. You can't really *stop* this behaviour. Just like potty issues, this is one of the few things your child has complete control...
It could have been the icecream. But when my kids unexplainably vomit - without having a cold - it seems to be due to post nasal drip that drips alot of mucus into their tummy, which eventually needs to come out.
I am on day 6 of the domperidone and I think I'm starting to see some effect. I feel fuller before a feeding, hear more swallowing on the left side (the smallest side that seemed to have little more than drops before), and we got throught the night without having to supplement t 2 nights in a row. I haven't started pumping because it seems like such a hassle. I want to see what the dom does first and save the pumping for a few weeks from now if I still need...
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