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bradleybrat, I have seen a difference in supply from the 1st to the 3rd baby, but I think that is due more to my own experience in knowing how to encourage more milk than in my body's ability to make more. What I mean is I didn't find out about breast compression until my second was several months old. With this third baby I did compression from day 1 and I think that has made the most difference. All my babies have had good latches, so that's not an issue. I take...
Thanks for your encouragement shelbean! The few people that I know of who have dealt with this all seem to be the ones who are the most dedicated to bf. I'm trying to keep that attitude. I did bf my first son for 16 months. Once he started solids it was easier to drop some of the supplements. I just had my last baby so I was really hoping to "get it right" this time. I'm still in the process of changing my definition of perfection. Thanks again.
I have just been told that I have this congenital condition. I think that I always knew that my breasts weren't quite "normal". But after attempting to breastfeed 2 children and the birth of a third I finally had a lactation consultant tell me this. She showed me photos in a lactation text book that looked just like my breasts: one smaller than the other, widely spaced apart, tubular shape. Needless to say, it was devestating to hear that I might never have a full...
Thanks guys! I think that I just needed some confidence. I am constantly reminded that breastfeeding is all a confidence game. I had an accupuncture treatment (maybe it did the trick or maybe it's just coincidence) and decided I was just going to bite the bullet and go with out the supplement (and the break). I got a good book so that I could read all night while nursing. The baby and I went all night cluster feeding, but since then (4 days ago) there has been no...
I have a 2 week old baby who is nursing well during the day. But I have a noticable drop in supply at night. This week we haven't been able to go without supplementing 2-3 ounces every night at 4 am (with an sns). I am drinking tons of mothers milk tea, we don't use bottles or pacifiers and the baby has lots of wet diapers. It's just in the middle of the night that we have this problem. Any ideas?
T I would love for someone to "order" me to bed for 2 weeks after having a baby. I really loved staying in the hospital with my second baby for every moment that insurance would pay. I spent one-on-one time with my son, I pushed a buzzer if I wanted something to eat or drink or someone to help me up to go to the bathroom, and there was always someone available to watch the baby if I wanted to take a shower. Once I got home I had a toddler who also wanted my attention...
It sounds like she was really nervous about taking care of Orion and wanted all the contraptions in case he was inconsolable. Maybe the next time she won't need quite as much stuff - once she realizes that she really does remember how to take care of a baby.
Maybe the two of you just need to do your own thing if anytime you do the same thing it will invite comparison. You didn't say whether he asks you to try to do the things that he does, or if you just join in without being asked. I would suggest NOT doing the things that he does if he is so sensitive about it. Sure, in a perfect world you two should be able to work this out, but if it is causing hurt feelings then maybe separate hobbies are in order.
If it were me I would just calmly respond that that may be THEIR policy, but they would still need my consent, and I would not plan on consenting to a routine induction based only on dates. I mean what are they gonna do - come get you at home and drag you off to the hospital?
Hi Lisa, Maybe you know this already... When using the SNS be sure that the container that holds the formula is at the same level as your baby's mouth or lower. If it is higher then gravity brings the milk down through the tube and the baby doesn't really have to work at it, and is thus not stimulating your breasts as much as he could. Good luck!
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