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My dh and I have always slept in the nude, except for in the winter when I usually wear a night gown. I think our kids have noticed this and so they sometimes wear pajamas and sometimes just underwear and sometimes nothing. We don't co-sleep, but almost every morning the kids get in bed with us for the last hour or so before we all get up. I guess before I never thought about it because the kids were babies and were always wearing something. But now they are bigger...
For the bedtime issue, I realized when my dd was 2 that you can lead the horse to the bedroom, but you can't make her sleep. Sometimes she is just not tired, but I still think it is important to have a regular bedtime. So she goes to bed at about the same time every night, but if she is not tired then she can read books or play with stuffed animals in her bed. When she sleeps is not under my control. All I can do is provided stucture. The eating is the same way. ...
I used to keep a potty in whatever room the kids were in so they never had to go far to get to it. (And then taught them how to dump it themselves so that did not become MY job.) Sometimes they just don't like to stop what they are doing to go to the bathroom.
My 5 yo dd and almost 3 yo ds are 26 months apart and I have gotten that question alot. Ds is only 1/2 an inch shorter than dd. He out-weighs her by a pound or two. They wear the same size clothes and shoes (which is a great help). People have a hard time believing that dd is the older one.
If he is so anxious to get started then maybe he should find a therapist that he can see by himself for a few weeks. I know that there could be some disconnect between his therapist and the one you see together, but if he is driving you crazy about it then maybe this is a good compromise. I can guess that he might not like this idea because it would imply that these are "his" problems instead of "marriage" problems. But if he really thinks of therapy the way that...
Thanks! I had a feeling it was something like that.
Hi, This is sort of a silly question. But I have heard or read many women who have said that they didn't tear when giving birth but did have a skid mark. I guess that means there is a difference between the two, but I don't really know what a skid mark is! (I know about tears - had one.) I have had two kids and am expecting a third so I feel like this is a piece of information I should know by now. So thanks for enlightening me!
I would definately move them apart. My understanding about the location of the car seat is that the center is the safest in case of an accident - but with two or more kids someone's gotta sit by the window. A 17 month old is just not going to be able to control herself or be trusted. I think that your odds of being in an accident INCREASE with them next to each other also because of all the screaming. Good luck. BTW my kids are 5 and 3 and still sit apart because...
Thanks for all the replies! This is definately something I will do. Thanks again.
The only person I know of personally who says this is a cousin of mine. She has three kids and is COMMITTED to nursing. She nursed her first for 2+ years. The second is the one who bite her at about 9 months. She said that she was heart broken to have to stop, but that she felt like it was the best option. She is still nursing her third at almost 2 years. If she says that she had to stop for this reason then I believe her.
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