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Both of my children got their molars before their eye teeth, but tooth order is so completely random from child to child and from family to family. Nothing to worry about.
Ditto the modeling suggestion. Start with having her spit out a tiny bit of water and once she gets that, see if she can handle some toddler/ child toothpaste that has less flouride and usually a milder flavor. If your daughter still has a hard time, then use a Xylitol based toddler toothpaste that is okay for her to swallow until she gets it.
Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls I don't know that he "gets" it...but he believes and trusts me when I say it is because he respects me and knows I'm fully engaged in our family. Ahhh yes, this! He kinda sorta gets it as much as a non-SAHP can, but there have been moments when I have been venting to him after a long day/ week/ month and I get a less than stellar and supportive comment and I get the "crazy eyes" and tweak out on him.
I know that place you are in. My oldest is 3.5 and I am thankful for preschool and that little bit of a break we both get when he goes 3 days a week for 2 hours. That said, have you inquired about any financial assistance that may be provided either by the preschool itself or through your community/ county/ city? Apparently, in the county we live in there is a grant that is awarded on financial need. They look at your gross income and the amount of dependents in the...
My oldest learned all of his letters by the time he was 20-21 months. Honestly, he learned them from those foam letters made for the bath. He would lift each one up out of the water and we would tell him what is was never thinking he was actually learning, but then one day he randomly would point out a letter in a sign or on some packaging and would correctly identify it. And, that was it.
My son use to do it all the time and of course I had read a similar article as you and was worried he was doing some type of damage to his body until one day I realized that I sit the same way. So, I relaxed and just let him sit however he wanted to. He slowly sat that way less and less. He still does it every now and then and now my 17 month old daughter does it. I just think it is a natural part of development.
My daughter will be 15 months on the 10th and so far she has 20 words in her regular rotation and 2 signs (more and all done). My son didn't have 20 words until he was close to 18 months old and now he won't.stop.talking. I mean super long paragraphs worth of talking. And the questions....my goodness the questions never stop.
Hmmm, My daughter will be 15 months on the 10th of September and she just eats whatever we are eating. We did baby led weaning, so she never had mushy baby food or ate off of spoon (unless she was the one using the spoon. Ha!). She loves whole wheat or multi grain pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese. I don't usually give spaghetti because the long pieces end up gagging her. She loved penne, rotini, shells, farfalle, etc. She does like homemade sauce and meatballs...
What is your budget for new? I usually will spend 30 bucks tops for sneakers, but my son's feet grow slowly now and we usually get a good 6-8 months out of a particular size. I just did a quick search on ShoeBuy and found a bunch that may work for you. They have free shipping, no sales tax and right now they have and additional 20% off coupon code. http://www.shoebuy.com/skechers-bike.../240560/515231 or...
Quote: Originally Posted by savithny Also, triclosan, the major ingredient in antibacterial soaps and sanitizers, persists in the environment after you rinse it off your hands. Alcohol breaks down into component parts and does not build up in the water supply. Yes, excellent point!
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