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My mouse isn't cooperating & I clicked "no" by accident, but yes I do.  I developed rheumatoid arthritis as a teenager after being given an MMR booster.  Then there's my my oldest, who had an anaphylactic reaction from his 12 month shots.  He was given MMR & IPV, and we know now that he's allergic to multiple components between the two, so we have no way of knowing which one set him off. 
Swan Song by Robert McCammon is one of my all time favorites.
Benadryl is for hives, and hives suck.  It won't stop anaphylaxis.  I would have given it, too.
I have friends that take their kids to Dr. Dao & like them, but i don't know about vax friendly though.    Pearman does not like a lot of our parenting practices, I don't like Flynn, but Ball and Cammack are ok.   Is Dr. Padgett an option for you?
mamadiamond is correct, TRS is just like Tricare Standard, except for the name and the fact that you pay a premium for it.  This means the rules are the same, and it will only pay for CNMs.  I hope you find a solution or a CNM that meets your needs.
Yes, this!  I'm not sure how natural-minded friendly your new area is, but try the finding your tribe area here on MDC, there are a lot of parents here local to you that might be able to give you suggestions or workarounds :)    Also, we took our exemption form to the local health dept., along with a notarized statement from me (was mandatory, not sure if it still is...?  check the law.)  Be prepared for them to try to talk you out of the exemption.  This doesn't always...
To the best of my knowledge, there are no Waldorf schools in the Elizabethtown area, but there is one Montessori school in Etown if that would be of interest to you.   http://www.elizabethtownmontessori.com/  It's within a block of a shop run by a natural minded mama called Supermommy's Superstore http://www.supermommys.com/index.php/ and Gina (the owner) is very friendly.  If you contact her, she may be aware of places that will best fit your needs.    As for...
roblox.com is a great idea, if he's able to use his hands and can be propped comfortably.  audio books, definitely.  they should have some at the library, if he's local to you.  a hackey sack, maybe?  for him to kick around? 
Hindsight is 20/20....? A lot of people I know on FB have "liked" that phrase. Including my cousin, who as far as I know was never once spanked. Sometimes, I really wish there was a "dislike" button there.
My not-quite 2 year old absolutely adores Yo Gabba Gabba, Jack's Big Music Show, and The Upside Down Show. I'm not really sure if The Upside Down Show is age appropriate for 2 year olds, but he laughs like a loon and plays along with it whenever he gets the chance to watch it.
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