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I went and it's beautiful, very classy, and I'd highly recommend Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass (she attended our April 2008 homebirth).
I stopped right at a year with both my DDs. Continued to nurse when we were together with dd#1 until she was just a month shy of 3 and dd#2 is still nursing at 22 months, and likely for some time to come. With both I had a bit of a freezer stash and mixed bm and whole organic cows milk as a transition. Both were eating lots of solids by 1 yr, neither one seemed to really care, at that point, what was in their bottle at daycare.
We had a king when dd#1 was born and we coslept until she was close to 2, then intermittenly until she was 3.75, when dd#2 was born. Then we added a full bed to our room, just mattress and box spring on the floor in the corner, and dd#1 sleeps there, while dd#2 sleeps in the king with us. Ocassionally we all end up together in the king bed, but having 2 beds in our room is ideal for us. DD#1 mostly sleeps in the full bed, but either of us can sleep with her if she's...
Another rec for Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass, we used her for our 2008 homebirth, well-woman and well-baby care, and we love her!
Check out Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass, we used her for our 2008 homebirth, it was an awesome experience, she was really wonderful!! She attends homebirths and is also opening a birth center, her website is www.health-foundations.com. I really can't say enough great things about her! Can I ask what kind of physician you are? We're looking for a family practice Dr, somewith with a more holistic approach to health care. PM me if that might be you :-)
I birthed with Amy Johnson-Grass in Apr'08, loved her and and the care we received. She does rent tubs too, we rented, but I never actually got in (I somehow foolishly thought my labor was going to be longer than the 4 hours it was). I really cannot say enough good things about Dr. Amy!!
This might be obvious, but one of our favs is the MN Zoo in Apple Valley. Plenty of indoor space and things to do and see. The family memberships aren't too expensive and what I like about that is then I can just go for a couple of hours (I like early morning before it gets too busy) and then I can leave before lunch or when my kids (age 5 & 18 mo) are "done" and I don't feel guilty for having spent so much $ to get in on a single day. During the winter we go often.
Here's another opening in St Paul: http://www.health-foundations.com/[/QUOTE] We used Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass (Health Foundations) for our April 2008 homebirth .... we absolutely loved her and the pre- and post-natal care we received; we had a fabulous birth of a 10# 15 oz baby girl :-) (No problems with insurance either.)
We really like Dr. Heidi Anderson at Quello Clinic, we see her in Eden Prairie.
I'd suggesting calling Amy Johnson-Grass, we used her for our home birth, April 2008, she was great! (Can't say enough good things about her.) I interviewed, either by phone or in person at least 1/2 dozen midwives prior to selecting Dr. Amy (including several of the ones mentioned already); really thought she was the most professional and in my opinion, least "crunchy." I felt very well cared for and supported both during my pregnancy, birth and afterward. We have...
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