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Hi! I had a quick question I wanted to run past you guys. Last week I woke up with painful UTI symptoms. These symptoms lasted all morning, so I headed to the doctors for a urinalysis. When I got to the doctors office the pain all of a sudden went away, but took the test anyway. In office test showed I had an infection, but they would still send urine away for a culture. Macrobid antibiotics were prescribed. A couple days later, culture came back positive also.   I...
OP here. Got great news today. My midwife called and said that the perinatologist approved me to have a spontaneous labor and delivery. The mass has shrunk to half its size and they said if the baby continues to do well, there will be no problem with this. They still are going to want neonatal staff present but hopefully they will allow me, my husband, and doula to privacy until the baby is coming out. 
Oh my! Why was there a police officer and a CPS worker forcing you to have a C Section?    
My cousin's baby actually passed away last night. He went into heart failure and they couldn't stabilize him long enough to do his first surgery. :-( What a horrible birth defect. 
Hey old friend,   I am feeling a tad calmer. Would feel MUCH calmer if the thing would just disappear already! :-)
Pretty sure I am right about conception. Docs say baby is measuring like he should for my due date. If I do end up needing to be induced for one reason or another, what are my induction options? Are there different kinds of induction meds that are better and safer than others? 
I hope this is the right place to post this, I couldn't figure out exactly where this went. Mods, feel free to move. My cousin just had a baby on Wednesday. Her pregnancy was normal, all ultrasounds were normal and she was over due so her OB wanted to induce. She went in for the induction, they did one last ultrasound to check fluid levels and they saw what they thought was a brain aneurysm.    After rushing her up to the city for an emergency C Section, and doing...
Quick update on yesterday's ultrasound. The mass got a tiny bit smaller! And the doc said the blood supply going to the mass looks like it is weakening and there is even a spot where it appears to be starting to pinch off. Since the abnormal blood supply is what is feeding and growing the mass, it would be awesome if it died off, they then predict the mass would shrink up and go away. I am praying and hoping that this thing corrects itself before birth and the baby won't...
I am not sure if a specific doctor is needed for this surgery or not. I haven't talked to surgeons yet. Something I still need to do. As another poster suggested, (and I hadn't even thought of this) what if we have my due date wrong and they take the baby too early thinking he is ready, and he's not, and he has lung problems? Respiratory problems are the exact issue we are trying to avoid. That really scares me.
I am new to this sub forum, I have posted in the "I'm pregnant" forum but never in my due date club. I am due November 22, 2011 and at my 19 week scan they found a mass in our baby's chest (bronchopulmonary sequestration), which is a lung malformation that often causes problems in utero and sometimes, if they don't resolve on their own before birth, may be recommended to be removed surgically after birth.    We have had multiple ultrasounds so far, and just today we...
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