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GGG Triplets, 9 months old.  Two are identical, one fraternal, all awesome.
      Thank you!  I just went to their 9 mo appointment and they are 13+, 13+, and 17 lbs!  My largest is completely oblivious that she was ever a preemie and the two smaller ones are right on track for their age just pint sized.  :)
Can I be included--it's hard for me as a triplet mama to find the right niche here!     Triplet's  names: Vivian, Lina, Hazel Gestational age upon arrival: 34 weeks 5 days Fraternal/Identical: Fraternal, Identical, Identical (see, I can kinda make a stretch that I have twins being that my twins are twined to their sister fraternally) Time in in hospital (if applicable): 2.5 weeks but without NICU.  Just waiting on baby C to get to size.  We were...
I'm not really sure if my input will be of help as I do not have twins, but I do have multiples.  I think the biggest take home message I have found from our experience and those I have met in person with multiples is that "you just do."  I could not have prepared myself.  I could not have even managed it but then they were born and "I just do."  Sometimes, poorly. Sometimes fabulously.  But I think it is just like being a mom.  I worried when they brought Baby B into...
  I second this.  I have had three types of birth and hands down, I would rather do the emergency c-section again than the epidural.  And that is saying a lot.  I hated the c-section and it caused SO much angst the entire pregnancy for me.  And then the morning came that I went into labor.  Between waking up and the OR I had about 8-10 contractions.  The babies were coming so fast, I showed up to the hospital very progressed, my water broke, and Baby A started coming down...
My favorite comment is, "oh you have twins!"  I just smile, nod, walk on.  Less publicity that way (I have triplets).  Even funnier when I say, yup and then walk on and hear the squeal of "oh it's triplets!"   The most bizarre?  I was being interrogated, I mean chatting about the babies, and another lady kept interjecting every minute or so with, "I'd just KILL myself!"   Certainly strange.
I got my Lactina on eBay.  Worth every penny.
An extra boppy.  I thought one would be enough but now I have one for each baby (three).
Ditto on what everyone said.  I don't think it is tolerating, as I hate it, but more of doing the best one can.  I spent 4 months alone during the daytimes on maternity leave.  You do the best you can.  Talking to the crying one helps.  We have also doubled up on the changing table when one is inconsolable.  I can wear one, and work with one but that still leaves one.  It's really hard when all three cry but we do the best we can!
This is a really late post but I thought I would throw it in the mix in case anyone reads this thread via search...I worked at my job until 34.5 weeks pregnant with triplets.  I just went into labor one morning and that was that.  I work in a lab and just listened to my body about what I could and could not do.  I kept a chair near by as well too.
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