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I haven't been on in awhile. How are you ladies doing? I start the program in August, I was so excited when I received my acceptance letter!
I am so sorry this is affecting you the way it is. I start my nursing program in August and I have been fairly warned that it will not be a walk in the park. I have a 4 year old so I know how challenging it can be to balance school work and family life.
I am currently in Summer 3 taking A&P2 lecture and lab... I took Statistics and Govt 1 during Summer 2 got A's in both, those two classes raised my gpa to a 3.7 (super excited) I will be done with pre-req's after this Fall and I apply to the program in Feb... I will take the TEAS V in December or January...
@Colta, Welcome! You can pop your head in anytime. I'm sure there are many moms here that can chime in and give you some advice.  :)
Awesome! Thnx for letting me pick your brain :) 
@Foxynursejo, do tell about your nclex experience :) 
@nitenites a 92?!!!! AWESOME!!!! Is the science section really as obscure as people say it is? I hear it is hard to study for because it is so broad.....
@nitenites is it available to the public or would I have to purchase it? I want to start studying now! lol 
Alright ladies how did you all make out this Spring Semester? Mine is as follows AP1 lecture - A AP1 lab - (hasn't been posted yet *blah* ) Microbiology lecture- A Micro lab- A English2 - A Developmental Psych. - B (hated this class)   I take statistics and gov't1 Summer 2 and AP 2 Summer 3!!!! I am excited, I will be done with all of my pre -req's by December. I am hoping to get the invite to take the TEAS V sometime during the Fall semester, until then...
@Aphel, I am taking Ap2 in the Summer, AP1 has been a journey but it is tapering off fairly well. You have to get all A's in your science courses for entry into our nursing program so I had to buckle down but it was well worth it.
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