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I am very interested in this as well
For the past 3 children I have been using a demi-style bra from Victoria's Secret for nursing. I like the support, the light lining, etc.   I just pull my boob out nurse. I get 18 months or so out of each bra and I wear one bra 99% of the time.  
Real pictures of real people's homes.....especially those with families.
A bucket of bleach water will do the trick.
We have been discussing like crazy. Boy will probably be Henry Franklin and girl Charlotte Danielle.
Why homeschool?    To protect the inner child. To help our children be lifelong learners!
There was a new Waldorf forum started.
NBBC is a good alternative for those who don't want to birth at the center. Davis is also good as far as hospitals go. :)
My oldest daughter(age 11) has 1-2 activities a week with outside kids without our family. My second daughter (age 7 1/2) has 1 activity a week with outside kids without our family.   We generally do 1-2 other things a week with outside kids as a family. Playgroups, art group, etc.
Sbish all the way. For both fitteds and wool.
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