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Both my kids have the same vegan diet and my five year old has amazingly good teeth and my two year old has horrible teeth. My two year old had to get caps on his four top front teeth and his molars filled at 21 months. His teeth did come in a bit earlier than his brothers but the only other change was where we live and I'm really starting to wonder if it's our drinking water and the fluoride levels here. His teeth started chipping away pretty soon after they came in so...
We live in Castle Rock which is south of Denver and we really love it! It's super family friendly and a great place to raise kids. There are lots of homeschooling groups/resources available. If you end up in this area I have some great recommendations for the things that you are looking for. For midwives I highly suggest Mountain Midwifery in Englewood, they are amazing! For everything else it would depend on what area you will be moving. Good luck, CO is an awesome...
I have very dry skin and living in CO does not help. Mine started getting much better when I started using the Pevonia line for dry skin and used the gentle exfolient every day. I think it helped to get the moisturizer into my skin better. I've used that line for about seven years and it's been great. I tried everything before finding this line and now I'm looking at other brands to branch out and I have to go back to it every time.
Both my kids are really sensitive to dairy and it takes about two weeks to get it completely out of their system. Make sure you are eliminating ALL dairy, it's in everything so you have to read ingredients really carefully! Our problems didn't go away until everything was eliminated completely.
I had a 12lb 6.5oz baby all natural and drug free. That was my second baby, the first was 10lbs 1oz. My midwives were not at all worried about me having a big baby. I'm 5'5" and 120lbs. The first was a hospital birth with a 4th degree tear and slight shoulder dystocia. With my second I only had a 1st degree tear and no problems with the shoulders.
Thanks Kathy! I will look into it.
I was wondering if there is a test that can test for food sensitivities and not just allergies. My 3.5 year old DS is extremely sensitive to dairy but his reaction is completely behavioral. I'm not sure if this would show up on an allergy test or not. He's still very up and down and I have now eliminated gluten from his diet and we also try to stay away from soy but I feel like there is still something else going on. We are vegetarian with the exception of some fish so his...
My doula told me to tak 3 capsules 3x's a day for 7 days, then 2 caps 2x's a day for days 8-14, after that 2 caps 1x a day until you run out or don't feel the need to take them anymore. I think I ended up taking 1 once a day until I ran out to wean myself off slowly. Not sure if it mattered but I was scared to quit taking them because I felt so great but I was fine when I ran out.
My first DS had SD so I was very scared that it would happen with DS2 but it didn't. The big difference for me was with the first one I had an epi and was pushing laying down and with DS2 I had a natural drug free birth and birthed him on a birthing stool. DS1 was 10lbs 1oz and DS2 was 12lbs 6.5 oz. I really think being in the right position for my pelvis to open as wide as possible was extremely important. It's such a scary thing and that was my biggest worry throughout...
First one was 10 lbs 1 oz at 40 weeks 3 days second one 12lbs 6.5 oz at 41 weeks.
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