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I want to transition to more whole foods and just start feeding my family better. We are currently vegetarian but after reading Real Food I am ready to expand our horizons. I doubt my husband will be on board but I am sure my children would benifit from some variety. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has a favorite cookbook title to share. Thanks
We are at the 2 week mark today.  It is strange this time I haven't had any engorgement or oversupply or anything.  Maybe because I am older?  Who knows, but the little gal seems to be doing well.  I have to wake her up during the day to feed every 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  She goes longer stretches at night so I want to make sure she is eating enough.   I am amazed actually at how smooth things have been going.  DS2 is totally potty trained and DS1(soon to be 13) has been a...
Wow!  Congrats.  I am just starting to feel a bit normal after a week.  Good for you!!!!
She actually came pretty early based on the 9w ultrasound.  But I think it was wrong.   Loretta Marie was born on 1/28 weighting 9 lb 3 oz  21 1/2"  long.   She is a really sweet easy going baby.  Her siblings can't keep from kissing and loving on her.   I must say I am very happy to not be pregnant any more.  I had a sinus infection with a cough come on just before labor and was feeling really bad at the end of the pregnancy over all.  I am looking forward...
I am drinking a herbal pregnancy tea from Love and Tea.  I take an Antinatal and an Anemia anihilator(sp?) from Birth Junkie(between those two it is herbals 3 times a day).  I can't imagine how swollen I could be.  No 24 hour catch on the urine.    I probably should be on bedrest, I know I was by this point with my oldest.  I don't do much of anything most days anyways.  I have really been counting on DS1 to help with laundry and cooking, he tends to his sibs while I...
I went for my 37w2d check up yesterday and my BP is in the 150 and there is some protien in my urine.  Not to mention the fact that I have been swelling more and more.  My MW said "Wow, you look horrible" when she walked in the room.  :(  I am 3-4cm and 80% effaced.  I don't think I'll be making it until Valentines day with this babe.   This has happened with all my boy pregnancies.  I am just so ready to be done.   The MW said no birth center for me and she...
I have no energy.  I barely manage to get the laundry put away.  My hands are swollen and tingly so doing most anything hurts.  I just make sure everyone is fed and dressed, that has been about it.
I am totally ready.  I am 37 weeks today due on Feb 14th.  I have been so swollen I am miserable.  My hands hurt all day and my ankles and feet are swollen before I even get out of bed.  That said, we are not ready here at home.  I still have to put in the carseat which includes moving the two seats, sort of cold and I am pretty big for that right now.  I still need to look at baby clothes too.  I don't think we have enough.  I am done being tired and pregnant. 
Still transverse no change from 2 weeks ago.  Wasn't worried until went to spinning babies.
The office is about 15 minutes drive, the hospital I have used for the first 3 is 2 miles from home. I am thinking of a different hospital with birthing tubs but it is closer to 30min away and I don't want to deliver in the car of not get a tub anyway because I already too far along. I usually don't get to the hospital until I am 8+cm along.
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