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Hello, I'm just curious to find out if some of you decide to refuse the PKU testing at birth and why? I'm trying to make up my mind! Thanks for your reply!
Thanks for your input ladies. I wanted to specify that when I said "lose it" I didn't mean he would hit him... he would never ever do that. I was more thinking in the lines of raising his voice a little which we try not to do here. I think DH has a harder time with age-appropriate behaviors because he doesn't have any brothers or sisters and didn't have any cousins his age either growing up. And before DS he was definitively not around toddlers a lot, so he doesn't have...
DS is 27 months and so far doesn't really have problems with hitting people. I did notice in the past couple of weeks though that he will hit DH out of nowhere, not in anger at all but almost like playfully, but in his face most of the time. DH will tell him no, but doesn't really explain why it's not ok to hit him in the face and DS will go back right after and do it again. It does in a way seem like a game to him but I'm not sure why because we don't ever play "hitting"...
Hello everyone, I'm in Dusseldorf and due in 5 weeks. I'm trying to find exactly what I need for after DS is here. DH and I are Canadians and we are only here on visas until April. I was told we both need our birth certificates and also our marriage certificate. I need to make sure as I don't have any of those here with me. I would have to order copies before the birth but don't want to go thru all the trouble if I don't need them. If you know any other documents needed...
Wow, thank you so much for all the great info! I'm not sure where we will live yet but I'll find out next week when my husband gets there. I will for sure make a list of questions (when they come to me) and see if you have answers for them! Once I know where we'll live then I can ask you more specific questions like where to find toy stores, baby stores, groceries, etc... Until then thanks a lot for your input.
Thanks it was really helpful!!! I may just let my husband go by himself for a couple of weeks to check things out and get to know the area where we will be living then go meet him with DS and the dog
My husband found a job for 6 months in Dusseldorf. I'm a bit puzzled as to going or not because I'm 27 weeks pregnant and we have a 2 year old. I have a great team of midwives here in PA. I wouldn't travel with my husband as he needs to leave in two weeks and there is no way I can be ready in such a short notice. So, my question pretty much is would I be able to quickly find a midwife there that would take me and speak english? Are the birthing experiences similar in...
Hello, we are going on vacation to FL in 3 weeks : and I don't know what I should get my DS for the pool. I want him to be able to move in the water but feel safe, confident and have fun. What would you recommend for his first real pool experience? Thank you!
Thank you so much! I'll give them a call right now
Hi everyone, I am in Philadelphia for about a month or maybe a bit more and I haven't been to any prenatal visit yet! I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby! I will give birth at the Birthing Center or at Magee in Pittsburgh with the midwifes! So I'd like to find a midwife here in Philly so I can have someone close by for a visit or questions/concerns! Thanks a lot so much for all your help!
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