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My DS started to eat solids at 10 months! He was EB until then! I'm now pregnant and I'm planning to do the same with #2... of course I will follow #2's cues like I did for DS!
Hello everyone! I just learned yesterday we are adding a bundle of joy to our family!!! Yeah!!! : I'm still pretty in shock though! More than went I found out about my DS, I think! But I'm really happy about it! Ok, so my DS is 20 months and I'm still nursing and I was wondering if there is anything I should know about nursing while pregnant! I'm also a bit unsure about if I should start weaning him before the baby comes... I don't know how I would be able to nurse both...
We just came back from our first visit to the naturopath! We went to see her because I had skin problems above and below my chest (on my breast too). DS who is 15 months just started to have a rash on his pubic region too and he tends to scratch a lot too! I'm breastfeeding! So, I decided it was time to find a naturopath!!! Ok, so we basically both have atopic dermatitis and she put us on the anti-inflammatory diet. I thought I was eating pretty healthy already... but I...
No, not that I know of for the allergies. Would that be the only clue if he has allergies? He had a cold about a month ago but I just started to notice the bad breath lately. Could it be something he's eating? Or my milk? I don't want to worry for nothing, but I don't know what it means or what to do? Thanks though I will try to look more into it!
My DS is 11 months old and I think he has bad breath!!! It doesn't smell like anything really...it just smell like a morning breath but all day!!! DH doesn't think he has bad breath, but I can smell it. Should I be worried? He is BF and started to self-feed about a month ago...so he doesn't really eat that much yet!!! I just wanted to give you a tiny background. Anybody else notice bad breath with their babes? Let me know what you think! Thanks mamas
I'm so exhausted...I need some advices, please! My 10 months old is waking up so much at night lately. He wakes up every 2 hours to nurse... he used to wake up twice but sleep for 4-5 hours in between!!! So for example, last night I put him down at 11 (by the way this has been is bedtime since he was born, so for us it's normal and ok with my dh and I schedules), he woke up at 12h30, I nursed and put him back down around 1h15. He woke up again at 2h45, nursed until around...
I need help my DS (10 months) is so miserable right now...and I don't know what it is and what to do? He just fell asleep in my arms after crying pretty much none stop since 8h30!!! He had a fever last Thursday night...but it was gone in the morning! He had an ok weekend, not is best thought! He was a bit more fussy and cried more than usual. Today was kind of like that too, but he woke up every two hours last night and seemed to be congested! His nose started to run this...
I tried the bath...it did work for a while but the fever came back. I wanted to try the cold washcloth but DS didn't want it anywhere close to him!!!!
Thanks, it's not that high (is 101 high?), so what do I do as far as him not wanting to sleep right now unless he's nursing? I try several times to put him in his crib but he woke up.
My DS is almost 10 months and he has a bit of a fever tonight. I really don't want to give him Tylenol and any of that stuff! I'm not sure if it's an other tooth coming (I gave him some Hyland's gel and tablets, it seems to comfort him for a while) or a cold or something else. He's a bit more fussy today than usual and has no patience, but doesn't seem in pain or anything! So, does any of you has any suggestions for me to get his fever down. Thanks
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