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Congratulations!! Wishing you a speedy recovery, I'm glad you had a better experience. I LOVE her name Well done on no baby blues! I was a tearful wreck on day three
not sure i qualify as having 'more experience' - but it definitely sounds good to me!
Yay!!!!!! ggod luck mama, you're going to meet your little one very soon!!!
hi everyone, just jumping in cos i've wanted to be part of this thread for so long! day 3 PP and an emotional wreck here, with boulders for breasts. textbook progress then hope everyone is well
update in 1st post
Oh honey that's awful. I don't really have any good advice - other than take care of yourself of course. The more rest you get the better, And if you happen to go into labour - you will do it!!! Hope you feel much better very soon xxx
So the contrax that I had this pm are back, and wow do they HURT. It's taking me by surprise, because all I know of labour is what I had with DD, and then there was definitely a gradual build up - but these seem to be quite strong already. Like i'm having to breathe through them. I really hope it;s not that i'm just not coping as well this time. Also, with DD I felt it mostly in my back, but these are definitely in the front, and most of the pain is down...
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