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And The Guiness Book of World Records
The Trumpet of the Swan Charlotte's Web Caddie Woodlawn Farmer Boy Minnie and Moo books - FUNNY! - there are several early chapters & one real chapter Down Girl & Sit books - FUNNY! - there are three
Tigerle, you're awesome!
She's happy with the SAT words, for now. Thank you! I'm so glad she can pick her own. They aren't super challenging for her, but she's excited about the choices. I love the feel of her first SAT-inspired list, so I thought I'd share. •Elucidate make clear •Connoisseur person with refined taste and good judgment •Nefarious wicked; immoral; disreputable •Egregious outstandingly, obviously bad •Nebulous vague •Subpoena summons to court •Eclectic taking things from different...
I will check out that first series, thanks! All our libraries have the Sisters Grimm, but its never come home. I will have a look at it. Thanks!
Cool! I will check that out tonight!
Oh, thank you! They've both read the Estes books, but I didn't hear any particular enthusiasm for them. We have not read the Funke books. I will need to put them on our list. Septimus Heap also sounds good. I will look for them.
Thanks, Heather! I found the HM links after posting here, but she knows all those. I like the idea of the SAT words. I think she's just a natural at spelling ~ but with those there are at least plenty of new words to learn. The Ceasar's English and historical linguistics angles sound really good, but I'd have to look at the texts. I'll see if our library has something. Freerice is a good idea for an activity and to see if she can pull words from it. I was looking for...
Dd9 is very happy with school. She loves her new teacher and especially loves the reading and social studies programs, which are combined, and her Mandarin class. She has been accelerated in math and the fit seems good - she could probably benefit from more challenge, but this is a good place for her emotionally. The one issue left to tackle is science. For some reason science is suddenly boring and her teacher doesn't let the kids do experiments themselves, according to...
I just wanted to come back after all this time and tell you all that your recommendations were super helpful. Dd1 read all the Trixie Belden books and adored them! She also absolutely loved the Anne of Green Gables books! Die Wilden Hühner was also a hit! She also really took took to Die ??? - ironically she didn't like the girl series. Oh, and Caddie Woodlawn was a hit, too. What a great little book! She also liked the Penderwicks - you guys are really awesome! She...
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