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  More anecdotal things, my mother got anaplactic reaction from a  penecillin shot but I have had no issues with it although I've only had it orally.    
I just want to point out that any surgery that is not a matter of life and death is classified as elective.  
I use soap nuts for washing.  I used them over a year (DD is potty learned now), never had an issue with buildup.  I just threw a little bag in there and then threw the nuts into the bio-trash when it was done.
I just bought one onsie because I want to have something to remember just how small the baby was plus I think it'll be nice to have one thing that fit.  I didnt have anything for DD (she came the day I was going to work on her coming home outfit) and didnt find it a hassle to keep her in the too large newborn clothes. I find it cute to have a small baby in slightly too big clothes as long as they dont completely drown in them.
They dont test for this at all here in Finland.  They will consider the antibiotics only if you have risk factors.
-Age: 34 -EDD: 2 May -Location: Finland -1st child/2nd/3rd...: second -Family: Spouse and DD -Baby's gender: Girl feelings -Names: not a clue -Birth plans/preferences: bit torn on that -Absolutely anything else under the sun: I was working up to week 18 when I got too physically weak to do it.  I'm really happy that I live in a country where that doesnt have to be a stressor.  Not only am I getting a sick leave for months but I could stay away as long as 3 years...
I suppose you took that from that thread I keep forgetting to add to.  I'm in Finland so that's yet another country :).
I thought I was bad.  I go when I am getting dressed and ready to pick DD up from daycare and then go another time 10 minutes later just before leaving the house.
Still going here.  She would have skipped few days but I offered her so those days she nursed at least once.  If we're at home and the mood strikes her she asks several times.  I think that my milk has increased a bit.  I notice her nursing a lot more on the right side (always produced more but she usually spent similar time on the left before the pregnancy) so I figure it's more rewarding. I've been asking her about the flavor and so far the left one tastes like cheese...
If I'm feeling less than ideals cartoons are on a lot in this house.  This is coming from someone who intentionally kept her child from TV for the first 2 years.  When you feel better you'll be able on focus on doing things with him again.  In the mean time get some rest and take care of yourself.
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