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The weirdest one to date was one of the first ones. I have a pet button quail cock and he picked up on the pregnancy right away. He had increased need to be around me all the time. So I kept joking with DP that it was indeed the bird who was the father. Now back to the dream, I dreamt one night that I was trying to breastfeed a human baby and a little button quail. The latter didnt really manage to latch on but we kept trying. I woke up thinking aha it's twins, one...
13 Weeks for me on Friday, only a week and a half to go. I've been feeling better for couple of weeks now.
Yes I've actually decreased my candy consumption because I dont feel like eating it anymore. I used to love ice cream, that doesnt feel so attractive either these days. I had some crap too but I got bored with that really fast.
Quote: Originally Posted by calpurnia London, England here! So we are each other's closest neighbours I guess... Aww lovely. I've been to London few times, love it!
Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Canada here. to the mama from Finland. I have a friend from Finland and she tells me all about the differences in the culture, especially around babies and children. She and her (lesbian) partner had a big stork basket delivered here all the way across the sea, full of baby things, from Finland. Her partner was the bio-mama and Finland had no difficulty recognizing their family. Then they went to live there for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by tschecter corning ny doubtful anyone is near me. I'm not near you but I quoted since I think I'm probably the furthest away from the rest of you. I'm in Finland.
I'm 8 weeks and still wearing normal clothes. I have retired my smaller jeans though and am sticking to the baggier pants.
I've only been slightly nauseous but now that I think of it I dont think I've felt any in the last week or so. When I do get it it passes within 5 minutes or so. I'm 7 weeks. Although getting it would mean that I actually felt pregnant I'm also hoping that I wont get it any more than I have.
I'm 7 weeks today and havent puked a single time. I also have had very little nausea.
I'm hungry all the time too but at the same time I'm getting bored with foods very quickly so nothing sounds good. I read somewhere that one only needs to consume 300 extra calories at this point. I'm wondering what brainiac came up with that because I'm probably doing at least double that and still feeling hungry.
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