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I'm a nurse and work with the elderly.  Out of the elderly penises I have met only one had tight foreskin.  All the others had healthy elastic foreskin and no issues with hygene or infections.
I'll be continuing to use my loyal BRIO 4WD.  Ok it's not really a 4WD but when I see pictures of those American strollers it really seems like a truck in comparison.   It looks like this: http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k295/crazy_birdlady/barnadot2008009.jpg  The picture is missing the canopy and I usually turn it so that the baby is facing me.  I'll probably just stick with having it like that since it can lay back completely. It also comes with a more of a...
Anybody know how to get the home study course from other places than amazon or the website? Neither ships to Europe :(.   ETA, the website says they do ship :) I got pretty panicked yesterday.
I would like to know why my browser momentarily freezes whenever I open a post. I always have multiple tabs open including 2 other large forums but MDC is the only one that gives me grief.
I have to do the home study too because I doubt they have this in here.  I havent even seen the material but I got this wild idea that maybe we could have a chat thread about it and discuss how we are progressing with it. Feels more like it'd be a group. 
I'm going to order this off amazon in the weekend. I figure that 10 weeks is enough time to complete it.  I'm excited since I've mostly only heard good stuff about it.  Anything that can make my birth experience better is totally worth it :).
Thanks for the link.  I have one cup of coffee a day or then one coffee drink from somewhere.  I always figured that espresso was about the same or just a bit more than a regular coffee but was surprised to see that it actually has less caffeine.
I havent bought a single thing.  I want to get a ring sling for breastfeeding and need to get 3 diaper covers to replace broken ones. I'll probably get 3 more in a smaller size since I really love those covers.  My EDD is DD's 3rd birthday so if this is a girl too I have plenty in the right sizes and seasons.
Yup but they're still fun if you dont put too much weight on them (no pun intended).   I like to see how right and wrong they were when the baby is finally born.  I had one friend who had an estimated 4300gr baby and had one who weighted that much few days later. Another friend was told that her baby was about 3600gr at the day of the delivery and then she went and delivered a 4500gr boy.
When my DD started talking I would tell her what to say in my language (Icelandic).  It worked pretty well for us. I wasnt very strict with her, any attempt at saying the word no matter how garbled was accepted.  Now that she is talking a lot more she will often say something in Finnish to me so I basically ask her what she said in Icelandic giving her all the word and most of the time she repeats in Icelandic.  This can be awfully tiring but I see some results with it. ...
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