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I've started to feel in the past few days that she's nursing more out of a habit. She has asked for it and then not come to me or then she latched and nursed but was done within minutes, she still took both the boobs that time though. Other times she has asked and nursed for about as long as normally. I have been hoping that she nurses throughout the pregnancy because I feel that if she weans during it that it'll have been influenced as opposed to being 100% her decision.
DD doesnt seem to have slowed down at all. I dont know how much she is getting out of there by now but I'm guessing not a lot. She has been ill so she really wanted to hang off my boobs yesterday, my nips are killing me today. I suppose a combo of a lazy toddler latch plus sensetive boobs/nips will do that. Does anyone know when the colustrum comes in? I was thinking after 25 weeks. I just started wondering because DD's poop was runnier and more breastmilk poo...
Partaria, dont be too hard on yourself. EDs are hard to beat and the relapse rate is high. If you can get help right now it is great, go for it before things go to far. When I got pregnant with my first it was a surprise since I thought I was finally screwing up my fertility. Pregnancy plus refeeding, not so nice. My body was thankfully smart and craved plenty of food. What was not so nice for me that pretty much from the minute I peed on the stick I started gaining...
Add me to the list. I was having gas the other night (could feel it move in different places) but was also feeling something else in just one spot. I felt movement in that spot on and off for probably 10 minutes. I'm guessing the gas rumbling woke the little one up .
We're still going pretty much as before. She hasnt nursed a lot in the past few days but I'm thinking that is more due to me being sick with a cold. She seems to be dropping night nursing herself which I find a relief. I wish she'd drop the 6am feed too though. When she nurses that early she wants to get up afterwards but if she sleeps through it she sleeps until 7. I'm hoping that she'll keep up with the nursing since I've been seeing our nursing relationship going...
Not at all for me. With my first I had very mild nausea that was relieved by eating all the time. This time I had a bit of food aversion, nothing sounded good.
I think I'll post the ultrasound picture with a text saying that it's what DD is getting for her birthday. My EDD is her birthday.
I wanted to find out last time but she wouldnt share. I wasnt surprised at her birth though because I knew all along. This time I have just as strong girl feelings. I think DP wants to know for sure though so if this one is feeling more like sharing we'll know.
I'm definatly checking that out. During my last labor I had two very pleasant contractions. I still had 200+ unpleasant ones but those pleasant ones made me think.
I have never gotten a flu shot and am not about to start. I'm a geriatric nurse and work with people in quite bad condition healthwise. Last year I hear they pushed the swine flu vac on the staff (I was still on a leave) but normally they make do with vaccinating the grannies. Makes sense to me that way.
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