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Quote: Originally Posted by sillysmile I know it's too early (I'm only 8 wks), but I've also been feeling little tickles.. always in the same place way down low and on the left side. It's a sensation that I haven't had since I was pg last time.. very startling and very wierd. I guess it's probably just something stretching, but I like to think it's my little peanut (or should I say pine nut) saying hello I had few flutters down on the left side...
Yup I'll be birthing with a doula. After my nightmare of a delivery last time I realize that I need to have someone who is level headed and on my side with me.
I was pumping when I had evening shift at work since I found it bit too long not to have my boobs do any work from 10am to 2am or later. I also liked having extra milk for DD to have when I wasnt around. Lately my output dropped from 2.5 oz to 1.5 so I stopped finding it worth it. I was spending almost an hour at home getting that, squeezing and pushing the entire time.
Girl feels right, boy feels wrong. That is weird though because a year ago I would have sworn that the next baby would be a boy, had just such a strong feeling for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by xtara2003x I don't feel the glucose test is necessary at all..especially if you are eating a healthy diet and your BP is fine. I'm in Finland and in here they only send you for the glucose tolerance test if you seem to have symptoms indicating GD. They also dont swab for the GBS at all.
Feels like I had more symptoms the first time around but then again I'm not sure if they started right away or not. This time I'm feeling: More tired most of the time. Very slight sensations down there or in my back, this was constant with my first pregnancy. Emotional, I seem to almost cry over anything child/baby related I watch/read. Boobs hurt. I was expecting a change in appetite since I was ravenous last time around. This time I'm also nursing so I thought that'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by kmb9906 I do! My sweet DD was born on May 6, 2008. The baby is due on ... out of 365 days of the year ... May 6th! So, not only is DD's birth month being stolen, but she could end up sharing her actual birthday! Heh this is exacly my situation as well. DD was born on May 2 2008 and the baby is due on that day. I hope I go early with this one so they'll at least have seperate months.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaChef I'd stay away from too much parsely it's an emmenagogue. Nothing else to add, I take a heap of supplements. Oh dear, didnt know that. Glad you posted that.
YES! I think I started to have problems few days after conceiving. I can no longer read text on the computer as well as before. So you guys are saying that it'll get better? I've been wondering if it's soon time for me to get out of denial and actually go to the optothingamolist. I havent had my sight checked in 15 years.
First thought, how much B vitamin is in your multivitamin? Second, any chance you can skip an iron pill for some iron rich foods? Parsley is supposed to be great I hear.
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