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I'm still nursing and would love to tandem nurse. I havent noticed change in supply yet. DD is really a boobie addict so I hope she keeps up with it. I want to do child led weaning and a part of me would be sad if that was sped up because of pregnancy.
Me too *waves* My nipples have been sore on and off for a while now. I wont POAS for a while though. My period is only due tomorrow. Last cycle I had some weirdo issue that gave me gazillion preggo symptoms (think it was corpus luteum cyst), POAS many many times and got really fed up with all the negs.
Not much chance of a late O since I have been too tired to be intimate for a month now Anyway I had the doc's appointment. After poking and prodding and looking with an US thing she chalked my funny period up to the fact I'm still nursing. I mentioned the uterine pains, hunger and weight gain but she didnt have anything to say about those. Suppose I'll just have to wait for my period now. If I count the funny bleed as a period I should be having the next one in...
I would like it to be a BFP but I'm 20+ dpo and have only gotten BFNs so far. I know there is a slight chance I could be one of the rare ones who get a late BFP but I'm thinking that a cyst is more likely. Anyway I scheduled the doc so the "figment of my imagination" would be at ~6 weeks, if it happens to be for real.
I've been driving myself crazy with this lately. My last cycle has been so out of whack. I had a period and then an early light 10 day long period. I have been watching my temp on and off and it did not drop after that light period. My normal temp runs less than 36.0°c and during LP it is around 36.5°c. So I'm thinking luteal cyst since my temp is staying up. But what I cant really figure out is can a luteal cyst make me ravenous AND give me uterine pains (those...
Dont really have anything helpful to say but wanted to say that it is nice to see that mommies with older nurselings are still pumping. I will be going to work in 2 weeks and my DD is 21 months. As of now she nurses 10+ times a day so I was thinking of trying to pump a bit and see what happens. I'll probably be doing it outside of working hours though.
I didnt wait for any signs. I started putting her on the potty after naps and meals and at diaper changes. Once she started pissing consistently I would put her in undies for half an hour afterwards as a reward. She started liking being diaper free and started to sign and ask for potty (she is still non verbal).
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs-Mama DS went to 1 nap at 18 months. It was pretty obvious b/c he just couldn't settle for his morning nap, so I eventually pushed his nap to noon and he would sleep for about 3 hours. Wow what a great napper! DD went to 1 nap at 8 months, the morning nap just wasnt happen much to my frustration (I used to sleep too and I really needed that). She went from 1 nap to none at 16 months, it just wasnt worth the...
For the past 6 weeks my 20 month old has been waking up more nights than not. She will wake up and just be bright awake for minimum of 2 hours, sometime up to 4 hours. We cosleep and breastfeed. Whenever she wakes up I offer her to nurse. If it is just a normal night feeding she falls asleep without a problem. When it is not I end up taking her off the breast and tell her that the boobs are now asleep. She usually accepts this so I dont think this is her trying to...
I think 10 months is very young to fall asleep by herself. It sounds to me, sucky as it is that she is not ready for that. How about getting daddy involved? I think it was around the 10 month mark when nursing to sleep for us turned into a 2-3 hour wrestle match in the bed. When DP started putting her to bed it'd only take him 15-30 mins.
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