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If it makes you feel better my 20 month old is mostly nonverbal. In the past month she seems to have picked up several words with the letter "b" in them and guess what, they are all "ba". Doesnt matter whether it is "banani", "nebbi" or "lamppu" (non english speaking but you get my drift).
I thought my 3 hour flight was bad enough... I flew recently with a 20 month old. Some things that helped were: Breastfeeding Plenty of snacks (they sell food on the planes so bringing her fave stuff was much better) Stickers uniset travel toy. Reading her favorite book She also really loves books with flaps with a picture under them. Getting a new book like that would probably have been a huge hit for us (I just didnt think of it until now lol). The plane had a...
We gave up napping at around 16 months. It was just not worth the hassle anymore and would make bedtime a fight. She goes into daycare in less than two months, I suppose she may start napping again there.
Try to offer her water to drink when she sits on the potty. It sounded ridiculous to me when I read it somewhere but it is really what helped us a lot. DD was younger at the time and went from going on the potty 2-3 times a week to that much in a day. Now few months later she is diaper free at home.
Naptime is out in this house, gave up with that one some time around 16 months. Bedtime usually goes that I'll nurse her up to 30 minutes. After those are up I usually wait until she is switching the boob and comes off it herself. I put her into her crib and lay down next to her only soothing through the bars or by singing to her. She has come quite far, she seems to understand that now is time to go to sleep. I only leave her when she is either quite calm or then if...
I started potty learning my daughter at 6 months. We made a routine out of it, after every nap, first thing in the morning, after every meal and at any other diaper change. Now at almost 19 months she has been in undies for several weeks and has only had a handful of accidents. I have never kept the potty in her line of vision as she likes to play with it and i didnt want to deal with that mess. I would just tell her and sign that we are now going to the potty at...
We have the same problem. Her hair is thin so it is OK to just sweep it to the side for now though. However she is constantly asking me to put elastics in her hair just to rip them out again, I suppose it is a game. I wouldnt mind quite as much if she didnt take it so far to rip out what is in my hair and insist I put in in hers.
For f sake, as if carrying 3 babies isnt hard enough without extra baggage like this. FWIW I gained over 50 lbs with a singleton, lost it all too
I switched from a pail to a large laundry basket and make sure that the dipes dry out completely. I wash the dipes every 4-5 days and have no problem with smell or stinkies.
I'd love to be a wet nurse I have nursed another child on occation and my girl has tasted another boob too. She isnt very picky with her boobs but is quite posessive over mine. I ended up tandem nursing every time regardless of whether I meant to or not. The one time she had just nursed she just plain tried to push the other one off. Too bad for her that he is 2 months older and quite a bit bigger.
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