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I had pain for a long time. It was weird for me, for the first 3-4 months it was OK and then suddenly it was worse. Anyway it also got better. I'd say that about a year PP I started feeling just slight pain or pressure instead of the severe pain that I'd get before. FTR I'm still breastfeeding and I havent gotten a period yet.
In English language then?
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyKhuong We are in a simular situation as you. Our dd is 8 1/2 months and we've been doing this for almost 4 months. We don't have any specific signals from our dd. We go mostly by timing and occasionally we'll get her to tell us by using the baby sign for potty, though this is rare. Do you use baby signs already or would you consider using it? I have always loved the philosophy of it but even more so with pottying! As...
I remember reading some statistic that there were like 10 home births in here in 2007. It's a crying shame.
I havent been doing EC with my 11 month daughter but we have been putting her on the potty for a long time. We started sporatically when she was 3 months and stepped it up when she was 6 months. Now she goes when she wakes up, after solids, at diaper changes and after her nap. More often than not she will at least pee. I would like to add some communication into the mix since she is also wetting her diapers. I do not use any sounds to cue her, I just have her sit on...
There will unfortunatly always be someone who thinks they can dictate what others feel. Sometimes that is based on their experiences and sometimes based on how they think things work. I'm sorry that all of you have had to go through so much.
I never knew this type of forum existed, I'm amazed. It has been 11 months since the birth and I have been slowly trying to recover from the birth. It wasnt the most traumatic of births but there was just so much in it that I did not like or did not want. I thought I had read a lot about birthing process, I thought I could relax and see what my body would do. I believed in my body. I probably started the birth all wrong, I kept thinking no, no nope, has to be...
Thought I'd share something I read the other day. A cloth diapering mama figured that once she put wool diaper cover on her LO during the night he slept much better. She hypothesised that it was the cold wet diaper that was waking him up. With the wool cover it no longer felt cold. Less wakings => less nursings => drier diaper.
I havent been very active on her but I thought I'd update and let you all know that I had my baby on Friday. Since she is my first I was so sure to go at least half a week over and was somewhat unprepared to give birth to her at 39 weeks. It all started with the pasta. Someone on this forum had mentioned not long ago that women carb loaded before birth. I've never been much of a pasta fan but suddenly I found myself buying all kinds of pasta from the shop. Seems...
I feel like I've had a fairly easy time the whole pregnancy. My biggest issue was tiredness but that is gone now. I never felt out of breath which surprised me a lot because I'm short waisted. Havent had any hip or lower back pain either. I had a kickass dance lesson (flamenco) yesterday. I'll be 39 weeks on Friday.
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