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i just ended my second dready journey, after almost three years.  i cut mine to my shoulder and picked each dread out, it took along time, but my hair is awesome and to just above my boobs now :)
I think it's possible, it all just comes down to time management! We live on 1.7 acres, so not a large property, and my dh works outside the home.  I stay home with my four children, ages, 2,4,8 and 11, and we have two ponies, and chickens and ducks.  My eleven year old will be getting sheep this spring, and I will be getting milk goats if my son can tolerate goat milk (he currently drinks almond, I'm hoping goat will be a go)  We will also be hatching many more...
Hi there! Nice to find you on mdc! (This is kate) have to jump over to enter!
3 yr old ds - no issues.  1 yr old ds, no issues.  28 yr old dh - no issues.  All of them seem to quite appreciate their foreskins lol
I can't post in the mothers writing group, so thought i would try to put this here.  Hope that's okay.... Anyhow, if any of you lovely ladies would help me out, my mum would really appreciate it.  My mum wrote this, and would like feedback from ppl who do not know us or our situation b/c she is not sure if it makes sense to such ppl.  Anyone who does know us it immidiately makes sense to.....but she wants to enter in a contest and so needs to know if it makes sense to...
DS is 3 yrs and 3 mos and still nurses once a day.  He would nurse more if I were up for it.  I don't see him stopping anytime soon.  DS2 is 1 and is also nursing.  They have had very different nursing habits since day one so i'm interested to see how long he nurses compared to his big brother.
DS has new selling rules, not sure what but you need approval to sell now..... What are you asking for them? I"m on the hunt for a few for my lil dude
That is what happened to my nephew He was nursing like a champ until they brought him back from his circ and sis tried to nurse him. He would go nowhere near her after that, so they resorted to bottles.
Well my ds1 was a very very high suck needs baby. THe good thing was, it didn't matter where we were/what we were doing, he was happy as long as he could have a boob He is almost 3 now, and still nurses before bed and maybe once in awhile during the day. He's an awesome guy, happy and a great sleeper. Not what you want to hear, but he never did take a paci or suck his thumb/fingers. He also would never take a bottle until he was almost 2 and my milk had dried up...
[QUOTE=bcblondie;15811691]I always have dreams like that! That I find a loonie in the dirt, so I look around to see if there's more and there's tons! All worked into the dirt... And I start pocketing as much as I can. And then I wake up. lol[QUOTE] This dream is always sooo great, til you wake up I used to have that dream often. I lucid dream alot. Generally I"ll start flying in my dream, then i know its a dream, b/c as much as I'd love to, I can't fly in my...
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