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at 4yo my dd was running her own baths and showers.  I don't think that most 4yos need constant supervision in the bath tub.  My almost three year old is ok in the bath unattended, but I stay on the same floor as her.  
Before reading the responses, yes, I do that if the other parent is expecting my child, I do wait to see that they get in the door before pulling away tho.
I make a pasta dish with chevre- boil some linguini.  At the same time, chop some bacon or pancetta small and fry.  When it gets crispy, add in some minced garlic and thinly sliced onions.  Cover and let sweat for about 5-7m.  Drain pasta saving 1-2 cups of the cooking water.  Toss some wilted spinach, the bacon and onion mixture and pasta.  Crumble chevre on top and mix in, adding the cooking water til you get a nice creamy consistency.  If I am using fresh spinach, I...
My friend's son is named Vikram, it's plenty easy enough for English pronunciation.
I say to rip and knit tighter.  I would not trust it to felt properly.  Also, if it is very unprocessed it might not felt easily at all due to a large amount of natural lanolin
Can you further your thoughts on this?  Because it is my understanding that the US was most certainly founded on Christianity.  Yes, the first settlers came here to escape religious persecution, but their idea of religious freedom was to not have to practice the same type of christianity as the king.    
http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02019233000P?prdNo=2&blockNo=2&blockType=L2   I've got this one, and love it!  I also have a $$$$ combo embroidery/sewing machine, but like the kenmore better. The $$$$ has auto tension and is just finicky altogether.  I can't free motion quilt on it, because it just gets terrible tension issues.  The kenmore quilts beautifully.  
I have had three girls.  For pee, just a quick wipe down.  For poop, wipe front to back, and gently pull apart the vulva and wipe if there is any in there.  Easy peasy.  None of my girls have ever had any problems
I think I would be at the end of my rope as well at those ages.  They are not toddlers or even preschoolers anymore and should have the ability to behave properly with very little verbal redirection.  I have  very active almost 5yo and a 7yos and they are quite able to be on their best behavior for special events, even ones not revolving around them.  I agree about being prepared with things to entertain them, but honestly I don't think that at these ages it is...
Chronic lack of sleep will cause many many symptoms that I am sure could manifest as suspiciously similar to fibromyalgia.  Before you start looking in that direction I would check out getting enough sleep.  I have a son who had sleep apnea problems and the adenoid and tonsil removal was crucial for him to get enough sleep.  Since he had them out, everything has improved- his sleep, his behavior, school work, everything.  Honestly, I couldn't see saddling him with a cpap...
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