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Quote: Originally Posted by lness Mommy2Austin - we used Breath of Life birth center in Largo, they were fantastic! Midwife, not OB, but can't say enough good things about them We just had 1, but I believe they handle twins as well, but they do the delivery at the hospital instead of at the center. They're at www.breathoflife.cc check with them, Chris is a CNM, but I don't think she has hosptial privs. But ask her, otherwise she may be able...
Quote: Originally Posted by Adasmommy I'm having a homebirth VBAC with a midwife named Jill Adams who is located in St Pete (I'm in Clearwater). We only just met her once so far, but I really like her! Jill caught my first baby
hope it goes well! Weds are a no go day for me or i would be there!
No never give up!! ok, first see what you can do to get that baby turned. I don't believe, I could be wrong, that homebirth midwives will deliver breech either. Try accupuncture or chiropractors go here and look at the members- these ladies specialize in pregnancy and women's issues- Tampa Bay Birth Network Then, if you can get the baby turned, find a doula to help you! UCH has been pretty good as far as that goes. PM if you need names of doulas in the bay...
for inductions I go case by case, ive stayed with a few from the begining, but it was a lot of sitting around, others i have call me when things get rolling, unless they request otherwise. for csections- ive not gone in, but i make it my point to find out where she will be taken immediatly post op, so I can be with her, and dad is free to be with the baby and mom doesn't have to be alone
my understanding is the same, its not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption, so it has to be labeled that way. Doesn't mean you can't buy and use it how ever you like. Just a regulated thing.
im in Pinellas, while AP isn't the norm here, well,anywhere I don't think, there are lots of us over here that are a bit "crunchy". but there are lots of resources in the bay area for mommas wanting to have a AP life.
Im with CAPPA, i like it becase I can develop my own curriculum, with in their scope of practice and philosophies, which aren't any different from my own anyhow. I had a great Bradley class, but have since learned it was as "bradley" as many classes are. There seem to be a lot of "former" Bradley instructors out there. As a doula, I just see things from a different perspective I guess.
no advice, just enjoy! Ive really enjoyed being part of CAPPA!
I recommend this training to anyone! Janice is great, and she's local and has been a TREMENDOUS help to me with getting started and as a mentor! Everyone I know who has trained with her has done well, felt prepared, and was off to a great start! I bet you'd be great at it
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