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I think you should just work on your relationship with the pain. Meaning, really work to change your perspectives on it. Viewing it not as something to be afraid of, defeated or conquored, but respected, and emb race. This helped me a lot the second time around, by accepting and really trying to experience it, knowing it was probably my last birth, actually allowed me to relax MUCH easier than the first birth, I didn't fight it as much. May sound simple, but this labor...
Quote: Originally Posted by vanessa1073 I live in Largo have 2 DD's mya 1-10-07 and Jordan 12-13-08.Would love to meet other moms in the area. our kids are really close in age I have 2 DDs 1-17-07 and the other 1-12-09 We're going to Highland Rec Monday for the Itty Bitty Splash Party, I'm easy to find, I'm heavy set with short dark hair and tatoos
The Tampa Bay Birth Network www.tampabaybirthnetwork.com
Im one of those weirdos that likes gloomyness, but I've never dealt with it for months. (except in 04 when we got 4 hurricanes, LOL) its rained all week here, I find it so relaxing. Maybe I should plan a vacation sometime out there. I see that verizon is out there, which is who my hubby works for.
Sorry to hear that, I've heard she is under a lot of pressure lately, its gotta be tough being a MD trying to help women achieve healthy birth (likie VBACs and such) when they are also under so many restrictions. Its a shame that Drs, who want to work with birth centers, are being pressured out of doing so. I don't know much about Greenberg myself, except that the birth I did as a doula, he was very flexible with the desire to go natural, you would have to talk to...
Ok, so every time I see a program about Oregon, I always think it seems like a neat place to live, so much of the culture that is inline with my intrests etc. But I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area of FL. I've never even seen snow! Would I survive? I'm just so tired of being here and with my intrests in midwifery, herbology and a more natural lifestyle, I keep seeing Oregon come up as I learn and research. Thanks for the input!
try these 1st choice- she is a member of the Tampa Bay Birth Network (a natural birth organization, and a terrific MD!) Trinity Women's Care Dr. Mahnee Dinsmore http://www.trinity-womenscare.com/ I had a great experience with Dr Greenberg at a birth I was a doula at at UCH (I really like this hospital) in tampa http://web.mac.com/utgreenie/iWeb/In...viders%20.html
Same here in FL. Has to be an MAEC school, neither is close to me, AAMI would be perfect, but.... good luck with things!
I was wondering, since you have so many DOMs that also practice with herbs, chinese mostly it seems, is there any friction in the community about someone who does not have the extensive training they do also working with herbs? I've always been intersted in herbs, and just found out there are several women who worked with herbs in my family. But I was having a hard time getting a feel for how it fits in, next to Oriental Medicine folks. I was thinking Heat of Herbs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Veritaserum How strange! My midwife files for a social security card when she files the birth certificate. me too, I don't have official BC for my kids, gotta pay for those, but have SS cards on both
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