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Quote: Originally Posted by paulamc Here too - my midwife will have Pitocin (and perhaps other stuff) to deal with hemorrhage in case it happens. Does anyone know if there is ever a need to transfer even with the Pitocin, or will Pitocin definitely take care of it? Actually I think she told me one time she had a mother who was going to transfer but the bleeding stopped in the driveway before they got in the car to go. I wonder if the Pitocin just...
MWs here carry pitocin and methergine, etc. in case of pph so the need to transfer, even if there is a lot of blood, is very small as they are trained and prepared to get bleeding under control quickly.
You can have placenta previa without bleeding during pregnancy. I am not pro-ultrasound, but if your midwife is concerned about the placenta being very low then it seems a good solid reason to have one. Then she can know what she is dealing with (complete previa this late in your pregnancy would rule out homebirth, as would partial, but you could be okay with marginal). I understand the want not to check and to trust that all will be okay, but you also want your...
Thx for your story, heatherfeather! I'm going to talk with a mama here who was in a similar situation to mine a year ago and did have the c/s at 37wks. I do believe the placenta still has a chance to move if I'm going to be pregnant for another 7 weeks and am working on the "move the placenta!" front at this point. Thx again for sharing your story. How do you feel regarding emergent c/s vs. scheduled c/s?
Thx! I started it yesterday. So just three days? I'm tempted to just keep taking it but maybe that's overkill???
Thank you all for your words (and for those two links!). I seem to be working with a 27% chance of it moving. I can do it! Send me your placenta moving vibes, and any more info or stories you have
I def will not be having a c/s at 36-37wks; that's out of the question for me. I went past 42wks w/my first. Still mulling this all over in my mind and looking for any input. Thanks everyone!
Thx so much for your response. I am looking for mw attended birth b/c I hemorrhaged post-placenta with my first and don't want to take the risk of bleeding out alone in front of my toddler (I'm unpartnered). I really do believe that this one is coming out vaginally and have begun to think about doing unassisted if I have to (but the history of blood and the possibility of it this time does worry me...). I live two blocks from the hospital, tho, which is convenient if...
Here is my situation (in another thread): http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=957511 So, I'm trying to find out if anyone knows about cinnamomum for moving placentas and if it works and would it work this late (35 1/2 wks). Thanks!
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