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My three and half year old twin son who was born early and was EBF snores at night - loudly.     I want to avoid having his adenoids removed so am wondering if any of you have experienced significant change in snoring with diet changes.  He was very sensitive to me consuming cow's milk as a baby and his gut seems to do okay with cheese and yogurt (we try to have him avoid cow's milk).  He has signs of allergies (boggy turbinates and puffy eyes) but his pediatrician...
Hi - we moved to the area 5 months ago and am looking for a family practice/ pediatrician practice near Grand Rapids that is holistic and won't scowl at me when I tell them I delayed vaccination, didn't circumcize my sons, nor do they drink cow's milk....Any suggestions?   Greatly appreciated! Anita
Dear all,    Just moved to Denver and we are planning on sending our 3 year old to preschool in the fall.  I delayed vaccines so am looking for a pediatrician who is great and won't balk that my children have not followed the standard vaccine schedule - any recommendations?   Thanks much, Anita Chupp
Dear MoMs, I am done nursing my twinks and would like to donate my well-loved EZ 2 nurse nursing pillow if you can pay for shipping...if cost of shipping isn't in your budget, we can split the shipping. I just don't want to throw it away if I don't have to. Please send me a message off list if interested. Jaxma
me and my twins have had a rough go of the bedtime to 3 AM hours for the past month or so and I am at wit's end (broke down crying last night because I am so exhausted) wondering what I am doing wrong... a brief background, they will be 1 next week and were born a month early. they are eating a few meals a day and still only getting breastmilk for liquid. i express milk 2-3 times a week depending on school requirements...but otherwise nurse on demand...i have noticed...
i have a slight drop in milk supply at 10 months (they are still primarily bfing) and am wondering if I'm missing something in my diet - anything you supplement your diet with beyond the prenatal vitamin that you think helps fortify your body? thanks!
does anyone know? also, suzyQ - how many extra points did you add to your daily points? i read on the WW board that someone just used all their flex points to account for the 2nd twin. i'm on day three and am so happy I signed up - it is making me realize that this weight is hanging on because i eat A TON!! so hard to shift from that mentality of wanting to gain 50 to 60 pounds during pregnancy to eating like a normal person again.
i'd be up for that board! i think we have unique weight loss concerns!!!
so, my twinks are 9 months and a little developmentally delayed, so no sitting up and eating solids yet - they are still full-time breastfed babes. up until a month ago i tried to not be bothered by the 25 pounds of extra weight hanging onto my body because i only wanted to worry about giving them enough milk...but the past few weeks have been rough, my back hurts, my knees hurt when i run, and i groan when i look at myself in the mirror before taking a shower...i simply...
hi - just wondering if these have worked for your teething babes. one of my twinks is not a happy camper right now and am wondering if they are worth the $$$.
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