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Quote: Originally Posted by mtiger Nope, he lives out of state, for starters. I don't think it matters what state so long as it is state issued... How did he end up with them in the first place?
Proto is correct... Would dad be willing to take his son to get a state issued ID card? That and a Social Security card should be enough. I'm trying to figure out why he would keep the documents from you....Are you (or in the past, have you been) a flight risk? As in, did you take off with the kid?
Quote: Originally Posted by KBecks What seems to be the most difficult situation is for stepmoms who are put in the position to care for stepkids while the dad is at work or doing other things. Which is a position that happens all the time for a lot of families. This is true, but I don't think it's right. My husband's visitation schedule is centered around HIS availability, not mine. And I think that is as it should be. His time with his...
This is not the place to complain about your ex.
Another biased mommy here =) My little monkey: http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/2765/p1080325bg5.jpg http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/2840/p1080304xu0.jpg http://img378.imageshack.us/img378/7752/p1080346dx6.jpg
I've never had the urge to detach from DSD. But then, I don't attempt to take on any parental responsibilities for her. I think this is because her dad is very good at taking on those responsibilities himself. I think this is a key point in why some step moms find themselves getting too deeply involved. In my situation, there is no need to make up for a lack of parenting on my husband's part. Though DSD is very vocal about our blended family (calls me her step mom, says...
The short answer? No. The long answer? Unfortunately also no. DH and his ex have it written specifically in their parenting plan that the receiving parent is to responsible for providing transportation for the child. The ex has only ever done so 3 times (over the span of 6 years) - only because she was asked to specifically and even still after about the third time she filed a restraining order against DH citing abuse because of some mosquito bites DSD had incurred...
I think there needs to be a separation between Blended Family and Step Parenting as far as the forums are concerned - where a blended family area includes all forms of blended family situations and where step parenting area (similar to the single parenting forums) can allow for support that is as unique to step parents as their parenting lives are in the grand scheme.
Orion is just babbling away these days trying out new sounds...it's the most wonderful sound in the world...and he's grinning a lot....and flirting. This is too much fun to be legal!
Reading the original post, I didn't make the assumption that the cashier was attempting to discipline the child, usurp mom's rights to her parenting choices, or take authority where she had no right to. Seems like a lofty conclusion to come to in...maybe...10 seconds? About someone who is in a situation (at work - not at home or at play) where they are expected to behave to someone else's standards, where their livelihood depends on it. Instead, I made the assumption...
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