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Anyone cook with barley much? If so, what types of foods do you put it in? It was suggested to me to use it with meals in place of rice. It is high in fiber and good for you. I'm interested in using barley more in my family's meals. I came across a recipe for a barley salad using red peppers, frozen peas and Italian dressing...Anyone have other recipes for barley? --Terresa
I made all the baby food my twins ate, so I didn't keep track of how many jars or anything, just went to the produce section of my local supermarket a lot. I steamed fresh veggie and then pureed them and froze them using the "ice cube tray method". It worked really well, and I think I'll do that again now with our baby #4.
I carried my twins over 40 weeks, and they weighed quite a bit, too (9 lbs 1 oz and 7 lbs 14 oz) -- about 17 lbs of baby total between the 2. As you can imagine, my stomach will never be the same again. I have the twin-skin problem big time. My twins are now 4 yrs old and I've had another baby since then who's now 5 months old, so my tummy is looking pooched out again (not to complain, as I am proud of my body and how I've birthed my babies, just that my tummy skin...
Slinging or baby wearing twins is possible. Just a lot of exercise. I felt like I was full-term preggo w/my twins again when I held both of them and walked around at the same time. What worked best for us was that I wore one of our twins in a sling (maya wrap style) and my husband wore our other twin in either a sling or a Baby Bjorn. Good luck!
I didn't see an OB when I was pregnant with my twins. We regularly visited our CPM (certified professional midwife) though. I birthed my twins (b/g) vaginally at home with the help of 2 midwives and 2 doulas and my husband. Throughout the pregnancy I was worried about their presentation (would one be footling and the other breech? etc). So, ironically when I birthed them, both were vertex (whew). I went full term with our twins (over 40 weeks) and all went well. ...
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