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Does anyone have any reviews or recommendations on good nursing clothes? I've never really felt they were necessary but nursing twins tandomlly in public can be a bit of a circus and I think a few good shirts or dresses might help. I'm looking for quality and stylish (do they exist?).
You can make them pretty easy if you have a basic ability to sew. There are tons of guides online like this one http://www.sew-much-ado.com/2009/02/description-stylish-and-practical.html. I've never used them but have seen them and there isn't anything magical about one brand or another. You also might consider a Baby Bond nursing sash http://babybondnursing.com/. It's a different concept for discretion without the blanket feel. I use it when I'm out in just a nursing...
Keeping it simple without getting boring. Now there's a challenge. I'm so bad in the kitchen already
I like the concept from the pp! I'm so not a gardener but the idea and theme is great. I just need to find our style. Definitely no plastic eggs or grass. We do real eggs from parents chickens and then eat them after the egg hunt. I think a new book each year since we are big readers.
We went through several outfits a day for the first month, but that's slowed a lot. My twins are 8 weeks old and I rarely change them more than once per day. I have so much more than I need and am planning to trim to about 20 outfits for the pair. That way I can just wash once per week for them. I think this will work until the start crawling and actually getting into stuff. Then I might allow a few more spares. We will see. I didn't do this with previous kids and just...
Good test. Just moving a toy makes my kids want it! I am teaching them not to hoard though and it's helping the craze. They rarely balk at tossing a broken toy and my 4 yo actually likes picking out items to get rid of, especially his sister's toys I think we are going to sort the books soon since they have tons they don't ever want read.
I'm about 2 months post partum and am planning to use this as a springboard for going minimal in the closet. As I shed the maternity clothes I'm giving them to my pregnant sister. Most of my pre-preg clothes are in boxes and I'm not pulling anything out except to wear it. If it still doesn't fit it goes back in the box. One of these nights I'm going to purge out everything that I wouldn't wear even if it did fit and see what's left. I will make a list then of what I have...
Just skimming over some old threads here. I'm happy to say I'm loving wrapping my twins. One back and one front now that they are over 11 lb each. In my avatar I'm just using I long wrap, but most of the time I use 2 now. Anyone else make some discoveries carrying their twins?
I do Facebook almost exclusively from my phone. It keeps the time down since its more tedious through the app.
Thanks! It's a lifesaver.
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