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I enjoy Facebook because my dearest friends are scattered across the globe and my in laws are in another state. It's far less time consuming for me to post pics of the kids from my phone for them to enjoy than it is to email them. I keep a tight reign on how much time I spend on there though and have committed myself to ignoring politics and other debate topics. I love to discuss controversial subjects but feel they need to be in person or by one on one direct contact. 
I just had my twins last week so I'm hardly an expert, but I've been cosleeping with them in a recliner. They can tandom nurse and then we just fall asleep reclined. Expect to try several things while you figure out what works for you. 
This is a common complaint with Moby wraps. They are a stretchy wrap which are more forgiving to new users but less supportive and saggy with bigger babes. If you consider goingoing the wrap route again make sure and look for a woven wrap. They are very supportive for both babe and you. Try thebabywearer.com for tons of info. That being said although I'm an avid wrapper I haven't tried wrapping two yet  myself. I think I might today though. It's time to go for it I think. 
Oh boy. I would love to do this, but it may have to be on a slower timeline. I'm sitting at home  nursing 1 week old twins and I can see about 50 things I would like to get rid of. However I can barely manage to get a shower most days I'll have to be patient. Maybe 10 things a day?
Hang in there Kindermama this phase will pass and you'll learn to manage again. I second the votes on trying a sling or wrap. That has always been my biggest friend. I used my wrap on Sunday for the first time this round and it was heavenly. Now I just need to figure out how to wrap 2 at once and I'll be home free. 
Lisamarie. I just read your post. I am so sorry for the treatment you've received. My heart breaks to hear how they use scare tactics to get the results they want. I could post a dozen angry replies to all that they've put you through but it sounds like you know all this and it won't help of course.  Please know that we support you here and you are welcome to "dump" on us any time. 
The thought crossed our minds but midwives aren't allowed to catch twins on purpose where I live so we chose not to look too close and just take extra good care of myself. Everyone is shocked that i carried them to full term and that they are so big. I think its just a testimate to good midwifery car. We saw the pediatrician this morning and she was just glowing with compliments. We are adjusting well. I have a lot of support so I get to spend my days nursing and getting...
    No. They were a surprise! I was large but we had chosen not to have any ultrasounds. It was an amazing event. I birthed the first on the stool and then went to the bed for the placenta while I nursed my girl. But instead I had some crazy long hard contractions and my second girl came out in just a couple of pushes. Everyone was excited and scrambling. Still a bit surreal.     
Yah. It's sounds like we have several mommas on the verge!   I am happy to report that I am no longer pregnant! After 36 hr of irratiac inactive labor, 3 hr of very active labor, and 20 min pushing...our little girl was born. 16 min later her little sister was born! 6lb 9oz each, just shy of the 40 week due date!
I've been in early/slow labor since 5am. Pray that I get some rest and that labor progresses tonight. 
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