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You and me both! I've been up for 2 hrs with 40 sec ones about 6 min apart. Although they are more erratic while I walk around its getting hard to lay down with them. Keep us posted, although I know I won't be back for awhile if this pans out!
What great news! Congratulations on the official homecoming.
Congratulations Wombjuice! Can't wait to hear more details. Seems like we're running almost a birth a day on here, anyone know how to get in the que for that?   So I've been bugging my husband for weeks to get our Wii Fit set back up. During my last pregnancy we received it as a present from my MIL and that night after an hour of play I went into labor and had our daughter (note: I was 1 day shy of 42 weeks). So I've had it in my head that maybe that's all I need is...
I think I like the hall closet best since it gives me hope. It's too easy to let them be catch alls and hiding grounds for stuff we should really be getting rid off. 
I guess I didn't realize it hadn't been visited in awhile. Since I'm new to this group I keep hunting around the old threads for info. I get caught up in the topic and forget that the thread is old when I comment. 
    This is exactly how I feel. I always want to say something like "yes I'm very aware that I'm due/overdue but thanks for reminding me"
Congratulations! And yah for competant midwives. It sounds like an exciting birth. Thank goodness you are all safe, together, home and resting. 
I can't imagine trying to keep things white with my kids around. I understand the clean and clear feeling it can give, but I would constantly be frustrated trying to keep things looking white. I prefer linens and furniture that can absorb an accident (or 5000) so I don't have to spend my free time scrubbing away to make it look clean again.
I think this the key for all of us and why we pursue minimalism. To make sure that stuff doesn't rob us of joy. So the answer will not be same for everyone. A minimal amount of stuff in just the right places allows us to experience joy more effectively and easily. So the # of books or clothes is not the same for all of us. It seems that for some the joy of having Fluffy around doesn't outweigh the litter box and food trays and you should feel perfectly fine rehoming her....
Rainey Daye, the office looks nice. I just cleaned and cleared my office as well (although much less minimal right now than yours!) and it is so refreshing to have a neat place to work. I can already feel my productivity going by not having to swim through the clutter.
New Posts  All Forums: