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I started both my kids off on egg yolks (the allergy concerns come from the whites) because it's so nutrient dense. My mom was beyond shocked. She said everyone starts with rice! I told her if it's going to replace breast milk then I want it to be nutritious, not filler. I'm all for fruit's and veggies for early foods, avocados have always been our second food as it is also nutritionally very dense.   Most of the people I know that start with meats prepare the foods...
I'm so huge now that I've been getting the "due any day, huh?" type comments for almost 2 months now. I just say "anytime" to strangers because it's not their business anyway.  For people I know well I gently remind/inform that due dates are really plus or minus 2 weeks for most normal pregnancies. So my "due date" is truly about Jan 1 to Feb 1 and they can pick any date within that to hope for if they like, I could care less as long as baby and I stay healthy. One of...
I love sitting on a birthing/exercise ball. Especially during labor, definitely worth the investment.
I've been feeling really worn out and insecure. All I want is my dh home with me today and last night, but he's got a few work obligations this afternoon and evening. So it's me and the kids. I really want to clean the crud out of this house. I hate the mess and can't stand the prospect of having a newborn here and guests etc. But I know I'll wear myself out in about an hour and accomplish hardly anything, so do I try anyway or give up before I start?
Congratulations! What a wonderful birth story. I have a friend who also has babies so fast the midwives never make it, but she always says better late midwives than babies born in the car!
Yah Cedarwoman. Your in the homestretch!  
Congratulations indigoscot! Nice healthy size girl there.    I just had my 39 week prenatal today so I'm accepting I may be pregnant awhile longer and am just thankful baby and I are healthy and under good care. 
I got a lot of this as well. Some of my goals I've lived up to and some I didn't. But what's wrong with having high standards to start with as long as you can take it all in stride and learn to be flexible as life happens? I stuck to the most important things. I've noticed that people that make these comments are more often reflecting on their own failures and hope that by bringing your expectations down a notch it will alleviate some of their self-inflicted guilt. I...
YAH, congratulations!
My first was 42+2 and my second 41+6, so I learned a long time ago not to fixate on due dates. I even refuse to tell most people the actual "due date" as this caused concern in my extended family once I was "overdue". I figure the date is really plus or minus 2 weeks so anytime in January is normal. At least that's what I've been saying to all the gawkers and commenters. I will admit that I'm getting anxious and hoping this one doesn't take so long, but I really hate all...
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