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what are the accounting threads referred to here?
I've had milk goats for 2 years now and I love them. Go for it. I'd just jump in, but jump in small. I'd buy 2 does and if you can alternate their breeding schedule that will keep you in milk. Skip getting a buck unless you just really want to mess with him. Paying for breeding of a couple of does is cheaper than year-round care of a buck and much less of a hassle. Mostly I suggest the learn as you go technique. Have fun!
Thanks for the advice. We've been using covers w/prefolds and there just hard to get back on w/o a changing table. I found some little undies that are handy and I think I would like some training pants that are more like padded undies, maybe waterproof, not sure. I just cant find any smaller than 3T around here. He only poops once per day and it's pretty predictable so we don't usally miss it (although we do miss the toilet some still I know it's coming). Oh and I...
My ds is almost 9m and we've been sitting him on the potty to pee but he's started refusing it lately (arches back and fusses). I think he's uncomfortable so we've backed off for awhile and been missing a lot (okay everything) and been doing a lot of naked time to keep his awareness. However I'd like to start getting him back in the bathroom again. So would you recommend the the little potty or the toilet reducer?
Quote: Originally Posted by lovebeingamomma She does the full body stiff thing when I try to put her on. Than she'll go on the floor 10 seconds later. My ds has started doing this. Ecing went great for the first week and then bam, no more. As soon as I set him on the toilet he arches his back and fusses. Take him off and he pees with in a few minutes. So I backed off for awhile but now I'm trying to decide where to go from here. I'm...
My dh and I have been ECing our 8m ds for about a week now. My husband and his sister were ECed starting at this age so it's only seemed natural for our family. We've had great success catching a half dozen times a day! I've figured out what that fussy I'm not hungry, bored, or tired cry is for. I'm still just a little shocked every time we catch one in the toilet since this is a new concept to me (I always thought kids had to be walking to be using the toilet).
I've been ECing my 8m ds for about a week now and have had some really encouraging success. We catch about 75% of the time. It still kinda shocks me everytime I watch him go in the toilet. Anyway we've been using cloth diapers as backup when out or busy but they're kind of a pain to pull on and off. I'm looking for suggestions on where to start with the training pants. Brands? Waterproof or not? DIY? Alternative I'm not considering? Thansks!
I do my knives myself and then periodically take them to my dad for a really good "tune-up".
We've had chickens most of my life and you can easily go a month w/o worrying about spoilage.
I've been reading a little bit about incorporating fresh new grains into my families diet (so that we can eliminate white flour). I've seen a few mentions of "preparing" or "soaking" the grains before you grind them to obtain the greatest nutritional value. Can anyone give me a little more detail on what that entails?
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