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Hi, I saw a touching video that was originally posted on Soulemama's webpage. I can't seem to find the link again and wanted to know if anyone has the link or knows the author. The video was about a woman turning 37. I may be remembering this wrong but I think it had beautiful black and white photos while she talked about turning 37. Anyone? I would really appreciate it.   Thanks!  
That's what I needed sparklingGemini! And great idea Stephenie, we might just do this if we aren't happy with the sizes, options at the site. Thanks ladies!
Anyone know of a site that does board book photo books? Thank you!
Thanks for the heads up, Introvertextrovert, we plan on previewing all family films for this reason! We know our DS better than anyone and some parts might not be scary for some kids and very scary for others.
Thank you all for your great movie ideas! I think we are going to try Mary Poppins. I love the idea of the first movie being a musical, I hadn't thought about the Sound of Music either(what a wonderful classic!) SOme I haven't heard of like, My neighbor Tortoro or Kiki's Delivery Service and some I didn't know they had movies vs. short cartoons, like The Adventures of Winnie the pooh, Richard Scary, Veggie tales. Thanks also for the commonsensemedia.org link that...
My ds is turning 5 and we would like to watch our first family movie with him. He does not watch any tv and is going through some issues with fears of the dark, strangers, fires, etc. Does anyone have suggestions for a good fun, first movie that isn't scary?
Quote: Originally Posted by ilanaRose Bringing a foreign spouse to the US is one of the most difficult things for a relationship to endure, in my opinion LO Funny, I was thinking of posting for some help with my DH also brought here from overseas 8 years ago! I agree with IlanaRose in that is was very difficult for us. My DH became severely depressed after the first year (mainly due to the stressful work situation, he taught middle school in...
I need a whole wheat baguette dough recipe for the bread machine. I would love one that includes some yummy seeds and other whole grains! Anyone? Anyone! I am coming up empty handed using the search. Thanks!!
I just bought a breadmaker and like it, but would like to love it! I am following all of the Regal Kitchen Pro breadmaker´s ingredients exactly but all the breads seem to come out really dense. Is this typical or does it sound like I am doing something wrong? Or is it just a crappy breadmaker? I feel inexperienced yet to shift the recipes. What can I do to fluff the bread up a bit. Also because of the shape of bread that comes out I am thinking of trying a recipe for...
Thanks for the link EVC, this is exactly what I was looking for! I need to get better at the forum searches but I can never pull up anything!
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