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Katrina, if you can think of another mama, papa, or friend who might be a good fit for sitting, please pass this info along. Thanks for wanting to help. The ICAN of the Midlands Chapter isn't running, officially, though there is a yahoo group which is going to be converted to a VBAC meetup group for the state. There will ultimately be meetings in Charleston, Columbia, and wherever else folks want to host. The Charleston ICAN chapter isn't running anymore either,...
Some of you know me, Nikki (I started the Holistic Moms Network Chapter in Columbia, ICAN too) and my family. Since I moved to Asheville last April, Kris (my childrens' father) hasn't been involved with the HMN family as much and I am posting here on his behalf to vouch that he isn't a creep, lol, and to help find a good fit between sitter and kids. Kris needs a sitter on June 23rd (wednesday) and 24th (Thursday) ***in Lexington or Columbia***. He works "B"...
YES!! My partner and I are going. We are looking for two roommates to share hotel costs. PM me if interested. I'm particularly excited about Mexican Midwifery w/ Naoli Vinaver and am signed up for breech and massage classes.
I second joining the yahoo group and also found housing on Craigslist. I may be able to offer you a place to stay in June. I open my house to homebirthers who travel, so they get first priority, but message me and let's see what we can work out. I'm hoping to be at midwifery clinic overseas during June so its possible you may be able to have the place to yourself. <3 Nikki
Another midwife and myself are traveling from Asheville, NC to the MT Conference in April. We are interested in room-sharing with one or two others. I have also searched the MT forums and sent out some emails. If interested, please contact me to further discuss! authenticscribe@gmail.com Thanks! ~Nikki
I know SC doesn't accept PEP. I've been avoiding tabulating this info...guess I should just get down to it.
anyone know which states currently accept the PEP process for licensing? Oregon, Virginia...? thanks!
I did the four month immersion in Asheville this past spring/summer. Feel free to contact me privately for my impressions.
Cinderella, My inbox is full here and won't let me message you privately. I started the ICAN Chapter in Columbia, which has an associated yahoo group. I've since moved to Asheville NC, but did have an HBAC when I was in Columbia. Let's talk! There are more options than you might realize... nikki.damick@gmail.com XO, Nikki
Hi Nicki, I can probably help you with this. Dr. Hayes office has my contact information and you can email me at nikki.damick@gmail.com. Blessings, Nikki
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