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For my DD, we borrowed someone's who had just had a baby. It was like this one: http://www.qualityinflatables.com/56493.html. We cleaned it out with peroxide before and after use. We didn't fill it up until after I had been in labor for 12 hours and we didn't really change the water during the birth. We would take water out of it and heat it up on the stove to replace and keep it warm.
I'll vouch for the small apartment thing. My DD was born unassisted in our studio apartment. Only the neighbors directly next to us heard me and only for a small amount of time (out of a 44 hour labor, not bad). I think the worst was when I labored in the bathroom- there's not as much insulation between the apartments at that place, but I actually gave birth in our main room. We still live there and our neighbors rarely hear our 19mo. The sound is pretty well insulated-...
I was going back and forth between squatting and hands and knees- mostly whatever you call the position in between the two. Forward squatting? I was in a tub.
Quote: Originally Posted by ScarletBegonias did you have a lot of tearing then? I little. In the end, I just wanted her out (44 hour labor) so I was pushing when I didn't have contractions to "induce" contractions. So it was technically "motherled" but not gentle. Her cord wasn't pulsing, though she breathed immediately so no emergency, but I wonder if something inside me was also telling me to get her out because of the cord. I hadn't done a...
My daughter (19 months) reacts the same way to kids who have been mean to her. There's a 3 year old at a playgroup I go to who always takes toys from my DD or pushes her out of the rocking chair. Now whenever that 3 year old gets near my DD, she automatically gets really possessive about (screeches and clutches) whatever she's playing with or puts her hands in front of her as defense even if the 3 year old is just trying to get buy or play with another toy. That's...
I'll probably listen to the heartbeat occasionally on our fetoscope when it gets to that point- mostly because it's fun. And fundal height. I don't know why, but it's fun feeling for my uterus. I have the urine test strips for protein and glucose (&etc) from the last pregnancy. I used them only when I though something wasn't right- which was only 3 times and each time a diet change fixed the problem. I'll probably handle it that way again. I might check my BP at the...
I'm treating myself to a Birthing from Within Class. Based off the cost of my last UP/UC (less than $100) I figure we're probably saving enough that it shouldn't hurt to spend a few hundred on a birthing class.
My symptoms so far: Tired Gassy Really really loose stool. I'm either sensitive to milk or wheat this time around and I don't know which one. Of course, I remember being really constipated last time in the 3rd tri, so maybe this isn't so bad. Sensitive nipples while nursing Peeing a lot Really thirsty all the time and dehydrated. I didn't get nausea until 8 weeks last time, so I've got about a month to enjoy this. Hoping it happens AFTER Thanksgiving.
You already know this SoCaliMommy from the TTC while breastfeeding thread, but we're planning our second UC this next July!
This is something I'm curious about too. I wanted to start with a cup a day, but also heard various things about drinking it in the first trimester.
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