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My 2.5 year old loves maps and globes too. When she was 18 months we walked past an African restaurant with a mural on the side wall of the African continent and she said "Map!" with sooo much excitement.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobica it's not profanity, but i don't know! anyway, welcome From Wikipedia: It can be a word, expression, gesture, or other social behavior which is socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, or vulgar. So if crap means shit it's not profanity. Bummer Dude :
Quote: Usernames: Upon registration members are asked for a username to identify themselves to others in the community when they post. This may be your real name or any screen name you may choose but should not contain profanity or be a derivative of a business name or otherwise in violation of MDC's User Agreement or general guidelines. However, any username deemed inappropriate by the administrator may be removed and a change of username granted without...
with all my usernames being taken when I was trying to register. Just my luck that this one that I put in as a joke worked! I should point out that crap means poo in Australian slang so it's not exactly what I would like to be known as. However, if that's the way it has to be, that's the way it has to be...
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